Baseball Coaching – Secret Of the 10 Minute Baseball Drill

One of the key reasons some young kids refuse to play baseball is that baseball practice is too boring. Main thing which is cause this drill so boring is that these type of drills are too long and don’t have any rest in these drills.

Here we discusses the “magic of the 10 Minute Baseball Drill” and just why many coaches use small amount of time periods and drill range to reduce boredom during baseball practice.

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Why This Is Necessary To Use 10 Minute Baseball Drill?

Baseball players and instructors will be notorious for having brief attention spans.

I’ve learned that I will retain our baseball drills brief for just two reasons. The first purpose is that a few of my players have brief focus spans and after ten to fifteen minute they lose interest and become bored. The next reason is that I’ve a short attention period and I get uninterested in a drill that operates on and on without a break or without any change in activity.

Why Is A 10 Minute Drill In Baseball An Ideal Drill?

Personally i think that three points make the ten minutes the perfect period of time for a baseball drill:

Concentration in Drill

The drill can be carried out with total concentration. The small age children haven’t any trouble staying on activity or focused for ten minutes. The retention of mental skills rises when the drill is certainly interesting and actions driven also.

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Short Drill Are Beneficial

The brief drill emphasizes quality and not the quantity. Our children know and get benefit from the well worth of a rep done well. They know whenever a drill has run for too much time. They know whenever a drill’s value starts to decrease. They know that I’d want that they practice a drill for ten minutes with a high degree of performance quality and with the sense of urgency for rep achievements.

Total Focus

Children are extra motivated to hustle, focus and perform an activity when they understand that the duty will be limited by 10 minutes if your time and effort is enough then the efficiency level is acceptable.

Higher Level of Excitement

Players of most ages can get worked up about any drill if it’s presented correctly. Instructors should show a higher degree of excitement and interest. A strong focus on why a drill is performed will increase players understanding and raise their interest level.

The 4 Factors for Running Powerful 10 Minute Baseball Drill

  • Organization is essential for accomplishment of the drill. This can be a must to keep written practice schedule as time slot designated and allocated for every single drill to be achieved that day. Each instructor on the staff must have a copy of this schedule.
  • Complete participant instruction of the drill is normally important. The very first time that you carry out it, you may need lot of time for explaining, demonstrating, and placing the drill up. After that the players should acquire progressively more efficient and more comfortable with the drill and also get a large amount of reps in the allotted ten minutes.
  • Devices must be all set. There may be virtually no time used to set-up tools or move machines, nets, and more. It is strongly recommended that all needed equipment prepare yourself and organized before practice or by various other staff as the previous drill has been done elsewhere.
  • Enter a Routine – This is a good thing to determine a regular practice workout that you follow every day. You should focus on stretch out and warm-up period that’s routine always. Then every day you should follow the same basic scrip regarding the subject and direction of your practice. For example, you may wish to start out with 2 offensive drills, and do 2 defensive drills and alternate then until you have covered all you have in the practice arrange for that day.
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At our day to day practice, after stretches and warm-ups, the essential thing that is done is definitely a catchers/infielders technique drill which allows catchers to throw out to the bases and infielders to apply catching and tags. Then we normally get into PFPs or Practice Fielding Practice. My point here’s that people follow a regime that the small children know. They start each drill by themselves and flow from drill to drill without wasting time.

We normally end our practice each day with among 4 bunting drills we use. That drill is powerful and it is ten minutes like our other drills.

I want to make one point apparent absolutely. I am going to deviate from the 10 minute drill schedule if the drill is sloppy or poorly done. I will restart the clock, and make the staff start off the drill over. If I need to run a drill to have the degree of performance that I expect twice, I will. The real number in drill is quality. That quality includes performing every rep at a satisfactory level or standard. My kids understand that I do and can start a drill, or a practice over even, if things are poorly done, sloppy, and without the proper energy or target level.


At end I just want to say that if you don’t have quality in your drill it is useless. There are many coaches that think the more we practice continuously the more we get from the skills which is totally wrong because until you have the interest of your team you can’t get success in your drill.

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So try to keep your drill as short as possible to avoid the deviation of player’s interest. And add quality step and exercise in the drills of your team which help you to get the optimum results that you want to achieve. There are many website that offer you online drills free of cost you must join that drills when you are at home for a strong grip on your performance.