The Best Basketball Shoes to Play In: A Buyer’s Guide

Sports have always been inspiring many to become the best. Many have a strong passion for a particular sport. Now every nation in the world tries to produce as many sportsmen and sportswomen as possible so that they participate in various games and bring fame to the country and even to their family.

One such game is Basketball. It is a very popular game amongst men and women. In this game, two teams comprising of five members each compete against each other. They have to score maximum points by shooting a ball through a basketball hoop which is elevated ten feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the basketball court and has an in-ground hoop at each end. A middle line divides the court equally and each team gets one side of the court. This sport requires active players as you have to run continuously and also dribble along with it. It is very important that players wear good quality shoes for this game so that they do not trip or fall over. For a player, best performance basketball shoes are a must. The shoes should help them run better and should have a better grip on the court. Below is our recommendation of the best you can choose.

Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star OX Sneaker

These shoes from Converse are canvas type with rubber sole and suitable for both male and female players. It has got positive response so far. They run a bit larger than their size, so you might want to grab a number less than your current shoe size. They are comfy and made of reliable material. They are good looking and come in 29 different colors, so you can grab more than one pair which will be good for multiple occasions.

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The only con of these shoes is that they lack arch support, which we think shouldn’t bother you much unless you have a wide feet. Apart from that, these shoes have got positive reviews from many users and we feel that they deserve to be on top of the list of best basketball sneakers.

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Nike Jordan Mens Jordan TrueFlight Basketball Shoes

These shoes have received 4.6 out of 5 ratings from our editor and are the best basketball shoes ever according to the reviews. You shouldn’t miss this pair if you are a Jordan fan like us. The fit is great and they look very stylish. With many color options to choose from, you can easily pick your lucky pair and may be lucky enough to strike a great deal on your purchase.

The shoes are very comfy and can be an excellent replacement for you if you happen to own a pair of the classic AJ 7. They serve a dual purpose that is they are good for sports and for outings too.

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Nike Men’s – The Overplay VIII Basketball Shoe

The Overplay VIII from Nike has received compliments from our reviewers for being comfortable and durable at the same time. A perfect combo in our opinion. You don’t need to be a sports person or a professional athlete to own this pair since it caters perfectly for joggers and stylish enough for you to use during occasions.

The only complaint which we have with these shoes is that they are a bit narrow and that a break-in time is required before they start to feel good. If you own a pair of its predecessor, the Overplay VII then you can choose the same size you got since they have got the same fit. They have great style and look great even for women. Many basketball players have used them and have complimented on the durability and also being light-weight, which is crucial. These shoes have been rated as one of the best basketball shoes to play in.

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Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 Basketball Shoes

These shoes score 4.3 out of 5 stars on our editor’s rating chart and it has got a praiseworthy grip. You might be wondering why we gave it a less score when compared to the other shoes above. The reason for it is that they run smaller than the size specified and you need to get 1/2 a size bigger than your normal size. That is if you are a size 10 then you should order 10.5 or 11. If you have wide feet, then we suggest you to drop these shoes from your list.

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Most of the basketball players we know have said that these are one of the best basketball shoes that they have used. So we decided to keep this pair on our list. The looks of these shoes were are also praised as they are sporty as well as casual. They can be worn while playing and for other outdoor activities like jogging as well. These are comfortable, light-weight and available in 29 different color patterns so that you can get a color which compliments your style.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Men’s Basketball Shoe

We know guys, this is the third time we are mentioning Nike shoes in our list, but we can’t help it. Our job is to help you guys choose the best products. These shoes from Nike score 4.6 out of 5 ratings on our editorial review and are one of the best shoes for basketball you can purchase. They are true to their size and fit perfectly.

Hyperdunk 2014 has got awesome ankle support which we feel is essential for basketball players to prevent a sprain. On top of that, they have a collection of 41 striking color patterns which you can choose from and own a pair or two for use. You might be lucky enough to grab them at a discounted sale price.

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For any sportsperson, a good gear is very essential. In basketball, shoes are the most important gear. Good shoes provide good grip at the court and you can focus on the game. This helps the player to run fast without the fear of tripping or falling down. The best basketball shoes may be a bit difficult to find as every person has different needs. We hope we did a good job with our recommendation. So be sporty and go for it.

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