Top 10 Best Baby Boy Clothes 6-12 Months Old Reviews

Babies deserve the best. Given that they are delicate, they require proper care which includes being fed properly, having access to medical facilities and being dressed appropriately. Many people have lots of difficulties when it comes to selecting babies’ clothes. As such, we’ve conducted our research and here is what we came up with as the Top 10 Best Baby Boy Clothes 6-12 Months Old in 2015 Reviews.

10. Hudson Baby Bamboo Pants 2-Pack
Finally in our list are Hudson Baby Bamboo pants. Available in two colors; blue and brown, these magnificent pants are designed for babies who are in ages between 6 and 18 months. They are made of 70 percent Rayon and 30 percent cotton and thus feel comfortable on your baby’s skin. Despite being soft, they are machine washable and also have matching caps. They currently retail at a price below $5 and can be purchased via Amazon.

9. Luvable Friends 3-Pack Baby Pants
Retailing at a price below $30, these pants are worth your time. They are machine washable, 100 percent cotton and come fitted with an elastic waist for easy wear. They also represent modernity with their unique design. These pants are best suited for babies who are at the ages between 6 and 18 months. Finally, they are available in different assorted colors to choose from.

8. Lauren Madison Babyboy Christening Socks Cross Appliques
This is yet another great product from Lauren Madison which is based in Thailand. The socks are 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. Additionally, they are embroidered with cross appliqué on the cuff. The socks come packaged in a unique, rather special keepsake bag. They are very comfortable on your loved one’s feet credit to the 2 percent spandex. Lauren Madison socks are in white and retails at just $5.

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7. Lauren Madison Babyboy Christening Baptism Infant-Vestie Set With Short
Lauren Madison Babyboy Christening Baptism Infant-Vestie Set with Short is 100 percent polyester designed in a V shape. It has satin shawl-collar, tab pocket on the front and comes also with the matching hat. It is available in color white at goes for about $55.

6. i play Baby Boys’ On Safari Lightweight Pocket Raincoat
This piece of fabric will look quite great on your baby. It enhances dryness and comfortability at the same time. It is light in weight and made from PVC-free material. It should also interest you to know that it can easily be folded in and out of the front pocket suitably for easy access when it rains unexpectedly. It comes in five distinct colors and can also be purchased through Amazon.

5. L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Gloved-Sleeve Footed Overall
100 percent organic cotton, extremely super soft, fitted with underfoot rubber-dot soles makes this overall a worthy purchase for babies of ages between 0 and 24 months. They are available in solid colors and stripe color ways. They are quite effective in keeping the baby warm and surprisingly go for about $30 a piece inclusive of shipping fee at Amazon.

4. I play Boys’ Ultimate Swim Diaper
I play Ultimate Swim Diaper is waterproof and comes fitted with an extra absorbent inner layer making it rather quite impressive for babies who still wet on themselves. It also fitted with a wickawy lining that protects the baby’s skin from being affected with the urine. Additionally, it is fitted with Snug-fitting around the waist and legs thus fit all babies perfectly well. More fascinating about this Swim Diaper is the fact that it is reusable and goes for only $20, averagely.

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3. Children’s Place Baby-Boys Infant Plaid-Polo Bodysuit & Shorts Set
Made in China, 100 percent cotton, fitted with elasticized waistband with a fitting button closure and faux strap loops; makes it a worth purchase for kids between the age of 0 and 18 months. It is also designed fitted with snap closures positioned at the legs, which makes it entirely fitting for babies. This baby-boys infant plaid-polo bodysuit and short sets are available in color Navy Sail and currently retail at $18.86.

2. Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn Animals Sleep
This clothe is uniquely available in Animals Green colors and is much fitting for babies around the age of 3 to 9 months. It is designed in such a manner that it can serve both as sleep pants and play pants. It is 100 percent cotton and such is soothing on the baby’s skin. It is easier to maintain and currently retails at about $14 on Amazon.

1. I`m Not A Princess I`m A Khaleesi Unisex Boy
This piece of clothe is profoundly amazing, both its quality, available colors and design. Its key qualities include:

· It’s a 100 percent quality cotton unisex vest festooned with 3 super buttons fasteners and contrast dissimilar color trims.

· It’s available in a rather unique order design retailing at affordable price.

· The embellishments on it are printed using state of the art screen print machine which prevents it from cracking or peeling of when washed.

· It allows for machine warm wash, and with its inside out when with similar colors.

· It available in different sizes starting from infants to children with 2 years.

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