Top 10 Best Car Batteries Reviews

Every car battery will at some point or another come to lose its properties and die, for as long it is put under continuous use, it is subject to wear and tear and the fact that car batteries contain highly corrosive acid, they can die after some years, even if they are not being constantly used. Today, the market is full of models of batteries you can choose from, yet some are better and more durable than others. That is this article brings you the top 10 best car batteries in 2015 reviews, so if you read it you won’t find it challenging to find the best when you go shopping for one. As such, read on to be in the know.

10. Exide Edge FP-AGM51R
Exide Edge FP-AGM51R

Exide is known for their great experience in making car batteries. This Edge FP-AGM51R car battery model is built to last, with no-spill AGM construction plus great capacity. What’s more, it takes just 75 minutes to fill it with charge if it is connected to a 25A power-source, and it can outperform a whopping number of other batteries when it comes to life tests. It is a great model that is designed to be compatible with both the new and old car models, and it has a quite friendly price tag.

9. Optima 8020
Optima 8020

Having a great and interesting design, the Optima 8020 is a somehow small car battery whose outside appears like a case that is filled with over-sized standard batteries. It can crank up 12-volts and comes with a 90 minutes reserve capacity for continued performance. This car battery model’s build capacity id quite decent since it is vibration-resistant and that it seems so solid.

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8. Exide Edge FP-AGM24F
Exide Edge FP-AGM24F

The Edge FP-AGM24F model fairly resembles the 51R model, with only several differences like the size. Like the 51R, this model comes with zero-spill design known as AGM-construction, plus it has a great capacity which outperforms most other batteries available today. In just two hours, this battery can be completely charged when connected to a 25-amp power-source. Although it is not what some people may call cheap, it still as reasonably priced for its value.

7. Odyssey PC680-P
Odyssey PC680-P

with the Odyssey PC680 car battery, you get the typical capacity and quality that its manufacturer offers with all its items. This life cycle of this battery outflanks the conventional battery models by a whopping 70 percent, and it has the greatest recharge efficiency. This car battery model has a sterling design which resists high-impact shocks as well as vibrations, giving it longer life. Like many other quality batteries, it is covered by a standard 2 years replacement warranty to give the confidence to buy.

6. XS Power S925
XS Power S925

Although a rather small manufacturer, XS Power brings decent products to the market. This S925 battery series is very reliable and has a convenient form factor, making it fit a wide range of vehicles. The S925 series is a 12-volt, 55amps battery that has a low profile and leak-proof construction. It was made to even fit race cars since it has a much reduced height.

5. Optima 8042
Optima 8042

This is a great 12-volt car battery that can crank up 620amps. It has a great design which allows it to function excellently even during bad weathers, making it a top choice for many. Its form factor and size makes it fit in most cars, and that it is vibration-resistant means it will seldom leak. It has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes continuous usage power supply, well above the known average.

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4. XS Power D3400 XS
XS Power D3400 XS

The D3400 XS series from XS Power is a very small but extremely efficient car battery. It has a great build quality and an excellent sealing, making it fully spill-proof and resistant to vibrations. This battery’s internal resistant was uniquely designed so that it is ultra-low; while its low-profile makes it fit to be mounted in nearly all positions.

3. ACDelco 78AGM
ACDelco 78AGM

If you judge by its price tag, you would hardly believe that this 78AGM car battery from ACDelco is that professional grade. It has a high-density negative paste which is great in improving this battery’s overall performance as well as its life. This model is designed to be leak-proof and also be able to withstand even intense vibrations and shocks.

2. Optima 8078
Optima 8078

Optima again, and this 8078 model is a high-capacity battery that can provide a great output of 12 volts, 800amps. It features a compact form factor, allowing it to be fit for mounting in multiple positions, while its build quality allows it to perform superbly well even when the weather is unfriendly. Like every other car battery from Optima, this model has a leak-proof construction and can survive even intense vibrations.

1. UPG 85980/D5722
UPG 85980 or D5722

This is a sterling and excellent car battery that no user has ever said a word against. Unlike many other automotive batteries, the UPG 85980/D5722 features a custom handle which makes it very easy to move or carry around. It has a 12-volt output and 35 amps per hour capacity. Build quality? It is a quite solid model with a greatly improved leak-proof sealing. Moreover, this is one of more affordable car battery models, an addition that makes it a top car battery among the top 10 best car batteries in 2015 reviews.

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Choosing the greatest quality car battery can be quite hard, but with the above reviewed top 10 car batteries, this gets easier for you. So go get the best one for you out of the options highlighted above.