Top 10 Best Dictionaries Reviews

For years, millions of people have depended on dictionaries for information and language development, often with positive results. They are easy to use, written in a simple and descriptive manner that is easy to understand, and have undergone rigorous review to make sure that individuals get the best experience no matter their skill level. With the advent of technology and the demand for dictionaries at an all-time high, several notable models are currently available online with the following 10 brands gaining critical acclaim worldwibe:

10. Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students
Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students

Are you a student? Are you shopping for a professional-grade dictionary and thesaurus that you can use at school and at home? This second edition of Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus is among the best in the market. It is paper back, fully revised and expanded from the popular 2011 edition, and has concise and clearly written definitions that benefit students in grades three through to grade six. It also highlights several antonyms and synonyms that will enrich your vocabulary, over 37,000 kid-friendly definitions, and a full color atlas cover highlighting countries of the world. This dictionary is affordable, well bound to last, and offer value to its users.

9. Pocket Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus 3rd Edition
Pocket Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus 3rd Edition

Do you travel often? Are you looking for a light and portable dictionary that you can carry to work or school and use on demand? If you have a few dollars to spend and want value for money, this third edition of Pocket Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus offers value and convenience on a budget. It is affordable, reflects the authority people know and like Oxford dictionaries and thesauruses for, and offers an all-in one portable reference with synonyms, word meanings, and antonyms combined in a single volume. This dictionary has fully updated text, reflecting an accurate picture of American English. It has over two billion words (both old and new), has easy to read font, and a novel paperback format that lasts long.

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8. New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition
New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition

Popular among students, educationists, and business executives alike, this new third edition of the renowned Oxford American line of dictionaries is a trusted accessory because of its accuracy and comprehensiveness. It has good lexicography, over 350,000 phrases, worlds, and tenses, and many hundreds of exploratory notes for improving English comprehension skills, grammar, and even vocabulary. You also get over a thousand illustrations and an accurate coverage of the American English language in general, in a clear and easy to understand manner. This dictionary is affordable, has a light and portable build, and printed is clear font that promotes reading.

7. Webster’s New World College Dictionary
Webster’s New World College Dictionary

Webster’s New World is an indexed fourth edition college dictionary developed following years of lexicographic research. It is fully updates, expanded to meet the needs of experienced college students, and has an authoritative reference containing up to 5,000 new references. If you are looking to improve your English comprehension skills and or enrich your vocabulary, this one of a kind dictionary will serve you well. It is affordable, printed in a large and easy to read font, and has a full-sized world map that users find invaluable. New World is Associated Press’s official dictionary.

6. Scholastic Children’s Dictionary Hardcover
Scholastic Children’s Dictionary Hardcover

Specially designed for children, Scholastic is a well-designed hardcover dictionary with several letters, charming illustrations, and precise definitions that educate children well. It provides a brief history of all letters, has color coded prefixes, synonyms, and suffixes, and quality high resolution prints that offer a rich learning experience in a budget. You also get well-defined columns, well-highlighted entry words, and a 10-page thesaurus designed to enrich the experience of users on a budget. If you have a tight budget, therefore, but want value for your child, this dictionary will serve you well.

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5. Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Spanish
Oxford Picture Dictionary English-Spanish

Are you a Spanish native looking to improve your English-speaking skills? If you do not have sufficient funds to hire a personal tutor, but want to enjoy an easy yet fruitful learning experience during your free time, Oxford English-Spanish picture dictionary is a recommended product in top 10 best dictionaries in 2015 reviews. It is bilingual, designed for use by teenage and or adults, and has comprehensive content organized in 12 thematic areas. You, for instance, will learn everyday language. You will also learn about food and recreation, housing, and people, and access new words in an easy to use and realistic visual context at your own pace.

4. Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary Hardcover
Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary Hardcover

Merriam-Webster by BK is a well-designed hard cover children’s dictionary, revised to satisfy the needs of elementary school children. It contains over 35,000 clearly defined words. You also get clearly defined phrases, new and old entries, and detailed notes on excellent spelling and punctuation written in a simple, clear, and easy-to-understand manner. Its array of illustrations and photographs liven usage. Its hardcover design is durable, while the maps, flags, cities, and boarders highlighted herein improve geographical comprehension in a fun and easy to understand manner.

3. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Revised Edition
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Revised Edition

This revised edition of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an updated and completely revised dictionary ranking among the best-selling language references in the market. It covers the core of vocabulary, has a durable hard cover design ideal for regular travel, and special tables and origins including synonym lists, word origins, and pronunciations. This dictionary has over 75,000 clear and concise definitions, provides accurate and well-edited information, and is printed in a clear and easy to read font that most individuals find invaluable. It is affordable, recommended by students and educationists, and is a preferred models by American writers and editors.

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2. The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Fifth Edition)
The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

Designed for scrabble players, this fifty edition of the renowned The Official Scrabble Players dictionary is accurate, well developed, and currently a necessary resource for individuals that enjoy this game. With an original copy, you gain access to over 100,000 two to eight letter playable words, an expanded coverage of British and Canadian words, and variant spelling that will improve you overall experience whilst playing for fun or in a competition. This dictionary has a repertoire of updated vocabulary, a well-bound paperback design, and quality print that ease usage.

1. Merriam-Webster Digital Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Digital Dictionary

Sought-after globally, Merriam-Webster is a well-designed digital dictionary that works well with smartphones, tablet, and even computers. It is affordable, synchronizes regularly to stay updated, and has an attractive redesigned structure that is easy to use, lenient on the eyes, and offers easier access to definitions and words with the tough a button.