10 Essential Tools For Your Home Improvement Project

Maybe you want to baby-proof the house. Maybe you want to build a little wooden desk. Or, maybe you just want to be prepared when things need fixing. Don’t worry, Crush Reviews has you covered. To save you a little bit of time from searching on the internet for the essentials, we’ve rounded up the top ten tools you need for your next home improvement project. Some of the tools on this list are excessively obvious, but a handful of them might surprise you and make your job easier than you thought.

Here’s our top ten tools for your home improvement project.

10. Hammer

The trusty hammer. Used for putting nails where they need to go and pulling them out where they shouldn’t. It’s such an obvious selection, and should be on every DIYers toolbelt, no discussion.

9. Level

A level does what the name implies: it establishes a horizontal plane, making sure that things are level. This is perfect for putting up picture frames, installing cabinets, or even drilling in electrical sockets. The range of this tool is what makes it so strong.

8. Chainsaw

Sure, this may seem like an aggressive addition to the list, but you would be surprised how useful a chainsaw could be. View the top 5 chainsaws to see how much they can differ in size, power, and usefulness. While some are great for felling trees, others can be used to trim branches or keep hedges in line.

7. Wrench

What the previous three tools haven’t taken into account are nuts and bolts. You’ll need a wrench to both loosen and tighten these objects that are so common when completing projects inside and outside the house.

6. Tape Measure

Getting into the meat of the countdown, not much can be done without the tape measurer. Sure, you can nail nails down and loosen nuts and bolts, but if you’re going to be precise when building things, making cuts, or just measuring things, you’ll need a tape measurer.

5. Speed Square

The speed square takes all the great things about the tape measurer to the next level. It’s really best for cutting wood. You can easily make 45 and 90 degree cuts very quickly with the tool, and it combines the most common functions of the combination square, try square, and framing square all into one tool.

4. Utility Blade

The utility blade is a DIYers best friend. You can cut drywall, slice fiberglass insulation, scratch out grout, slice through calk, cut up old carpet, or even make a new point on your carpenters pencil in a jiffy. For all of the smaller cuts that need to happen without the circular saw, the utility blade is the easiest way to accomplish them.

3. Multi Tool

It’s no mistake that both the utility blade and more general multi tool are near the top of the countdown. The ability to use the same tool to accomplish a variety of tasks is a game changer. It’s also called an electric oscillating multi tool, and the use of the tool can change based on the different “heads” placed on the top. You can cut plumbing pipes, sand wood, remove old paint, and even get rid of gout in the bathroom with the multi tool. It’s a DIY must-have.

2. Circular Saw

A circular saw is so valuable because of its versatility when it comes to the types of materials that can be cut. You can cut wood of course, but you can also get through laminate, paneling, and even plexiglass. You don’t even need to purchase the most expensive circular saw out there, just make sure to get one that fits your own needs. Make sure to choose one that fits your budget and has a nice blade attached, because if you should invest in anything when it comes to the circular saw, it should be the blade.

1. Cordless Drill

The cordless drill is the creme de la creme of DIY Home Improvement tools. If you don’t have one, you need to invest in one immediately. It’s so versatile. You can drill holes, drill in screws, and loosen screws all with the same tool. It’s also not tied to a power source. You can take it outside to work on the roof without having to worry about connecting it to a socket. The team at Crush Reviews has also constructed a list of best cordless drills to pick from. You don’t need to look anywhere else, as we surveyed hundreds of models to bring you the best five.

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