Casio Px-860 Bk Digital Piano Review

Keyboard: With its ebony and ivory feel, the full-size 88 key setup gives you the same feeling as a traditional piano.
Sound Technology: As the leading product in the new line of Privia digital pianos, the PX-860’s advanced sound set creates a sense of realism that no other product can match.
Sound Replication: With the grand piano lid simulation and sympathetic resonance, the PX-860 recreates the sound of a 9-foot concert grand piano.
Pedal Technology: Through its cutting-edge AiR technology, Casio delivers the rich sound of the strings when the sustain pedal is used with its Damper Resonance – its String Resonance also emulates the resonance of the acoustic grand’s open strings.
Acoustics: The Hall Simulator replicates the acoustics of real-world locations, allowing you to experience playing the grand piano sound in a variety of locations.
Portability: Because this home style digital piano is the best alternative to an acoustic one, its size makes it difficult to transport.
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