Continental Contiprocontact Ssr Run-Flat Review

Circumferential Groove: The Continental ContiProContact SSR Run-Flat All-Season Tire – 225/45R17 91H can be used all-year round. The circumferential groove makes water evacuation an easier and faster process. It also leads to an impressive braking ability on wet roads.
Run-Flat Ability: Getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere is not only stressful but also quite annoying. However, these tires have a ‘Run-Flat Abilily’ that allows for mobility even during a puncture so you don’t become stranded.
Central Rib: The central rib present in these tires makes for a quiet ride due to reducing the thread pattern noise. No worries about noisy tires here!
Improved Stability: These tires offer improved stability and dry handling due to optimized sipes with a defined radius. No matter what sort of road conditions you’ll face, these tires will allow you to be in control of your car.
Wear Out Fast: While these tries are able to handle various road and weather conditions, some reviewers have complained about them wearing out faster than other tires.
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