Quality Chain Cobra Cable Review

Carbon Steel Rollers: The Quality Chain Cobra Cables are made with carbon steel rollers to provide great traction and durability.
Low Profile: Making sure the tires constantly touch the road while using snow chains is essential. The low profile of the chains themselves help keep the tires in contact with the road.
Galvanized For Rust Protection: When moisture meets metal, rust happens. Thankfully the Quality Chain Cobra Cables are galvanized to prevent against any unwanted rusting.
No Rubber Tensioning Piece: In the original product picture on Amazon, there’s a yellow rubber piece that’s supposed to hold tension, but unfortunately that’s a miscommunication. The product doesn’t come with that.
For Passenger Vehicles Only: Most other snow chains come were designed for use with SUV’s or light trucks, however, the Quality Chain Cobra Cables is designed specifically for passenger vehicles.
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