Security Chain Company Zt729 Super Z Review

Light Truck And Suv Compatibility: The Security Chain Super Z LT is made for light trucks and SUV’s. This added compatibility makes them more dynamic for those with multiple vehicles.
Easy Installation: Installation is as easy as laying the chains in front of the tires, driving over them, and then draping them on top of the rubber.
Rubber Tension Bands: Yes, it’s easy to drape the chains around the tires themselves, but it’s also easy to adjust the tension to keep them snug on the rubber.
Durable: Many customers were impressed with the durability of these chains with repeated use. Buy them once and you won’t have to replace them very soon!
Avoid Rapid Acceleration: These chains won’t fail when used properly, but when users start to accelerate quicker than they should that’s when problems occur and the chains start to break.
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