Uncle Milton – Star Theatre Pro Review

Portable: The Uncle Milton – Star Theater Pro has a small size which makes it easy to transport. Take it with you anywhere you want to go in order to experience the beauty of a starry night.
Explore Various Galaxies : Viewing distant galaxies has never been easier thanks to easy to insert discs that can be used with this projector.
Battery: This projector makes use of batteries in order to function. Don’t have electricity in the place you’re in? Don’t worry about it. Just insert batteries into the projector and allow it to make a room much more interesting.
Faulty Rotation : While this projector is able to project beautiful images, some reviewers have complained that the projector sometimes skips the image during rotation, or occasionally, the rotation stops.
Requires Higher Ceiling : Some reviewers have complained that this projector does not really create a good projection on low ceilings and is much better suited for higher ceilings
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