Elmo Mo-1 Visual Presenter Review

Useful Camera Functions: The Elmo MO-1 visual presenter comes with a number of helpful camera functions, such as the auto (one-push) and manual focus options, so that you can take quality photos and present your ideas with clarity and ease.
Compact Design: The Elmo MO-1’s ultra compact design ensures that this visual presenter is the easiest product to use on the go. The camera and neck fold down into the base, so you can pack and unpack it quickly in between presentations and set it up and use it in no time.
Flexible Arm And Head: The Elmo MO-1’s camera arm and head is flexible, so you can take advantage of the 300 degree camera swivel head and capture a range of photos and items from the camera’s base and around the room.
Three Dimensional Scanner: When the Elmo MO-1 visual presenter is connected to a computer, it can be used as a three dimensional scanner for your convenience.
Computer Compatibility: The Elmo MO-1 visual presenter supports the PC platform only, so Mac users will not be able to accommodate this product.
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