Ipevo Ziggi-Hd Plus High-Definition Usb Document Camera Review

Powerful Processor: The Ziggi-HD Plus improves on its predecessors with an enhanced integrated circuit chip. You will not have to compromise between high resolution and a high frame rate, as this model delivers both features simultaneously.
Continuous Zoom: You can get close to your materials without having to adjust the swing-arm or reposition the subject with this Ipevo model. The images retain their high-definition clarity even after zooming, so you never have to worry about your fine print, delicate artwork details, natural objects, iPad or other devices with screens showing up out of focus.
Convenient Compatibility: The Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus is compatible with Windows, Mac and Chromebook, and it works best with Microsoft Windows Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Insufficient Lighting: The Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus does not have built-in LED lights, so it requires an alternate light source in dim rooms to achieve the best document projector results.
Complicated Projection: In order to use this product to project items, a projector will be required. This product is not as easy to relocate as other document cameras, as you will need to bring along a projector to achieve the best results.
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