Dell SE2417HG Review

Dell SE2417HG Review from Hoosier Sports of America

Compatibility: In addition to being a high-quality PC monitor, the double HDMI inputs mean you can switch back and forth easily to a game console. While the lack of built-in speakers means it can’t deliver audio, based on our Dell SE2417HG review we concluded that a Bluetooth headset can easily remedy the situation.
Potential: Despite its low price tag, this is a powerful gaming monitor. The response time of 2 milliseconds is nothing to sneeze at and the display is vivid and bright. Don’t sleep on this unit just because the price makes you nervous!
Design: The perk of having a comparatively smaller screen than many 4K gaming monitors is that the monitor as a whole is sleeker and lighter. Featuring razor-thin bezels, this is a beautiful unit and can be set up for a continuous display for ultra widescreen gaming.
Display: This unit is made up of a TN display, as opposed to the now common IPS display. This means it draws less power and delivers higher refresh rates, but the overall display definitely takes a hit.
Refresh Rate: This monitor is locked at a refresh rate of 60Hz. 60 frames per second is currently the standard for PC gaming – console games can only manage half that – so it will work in a pinch for current and older games. However, you’ll be limiting yourself from unlocking the true potential of your graphics card.
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