Best Golf Putters: The Definitive Guide

If you want to improve your golf game this year, you may be looking for the best golf putters.

It’s really important to choose this piece of equipment correctly and I’ll show you how to do that – you’ll see my top picks for 2017 too.


How To Pick The Right Putter

There’s a few important things to consider before making your purchase and they are:

  • Know your putting style
  • Know the differences in putter heads
  • Choose the proper length

First off, you need to know your own putting style. Most pros, like Tiger Woods, use an open square-closed stroke and this requires a toe weighted putter. A small minority of pros putt straight back and through  – this style requires a face weighted putter.

You need to consider the style of the putter too. There’s a bunch to choose from and here’s a video that sums everything up:


Not too complicated, right?

After you decide on which type of putter you want, you need to look at length. Generally speaking there’s 3 different type of lengths and they are:

  • Traditional Length (32-36 inches): This is the most popular and the one most golfers, my self included, tend to use. You don’t have to assume an unnatural or uncomfortable stance while putting – you can simply dangle your arms and grab the grip. These putters allow for the truest roll.
  • Belly Putter (41-46 inches): This type of putter trended hard for a little while. However, anchoring (placing the end of the putter into your stomach to create a third point of contact) is illegal in competition now. You can still use a belly putter in competition, you just can’t anchor it with your belly anymore.
  • Long Putters (48-52 inches): Long putters are the least traditional of the three and some can even reach your chin. I wouldn’t recommend this putter (there’s none on this list) because it’s hard to master.

Now that you know how to choose the right putter, let’s take a look at my top picks.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Collection Berwick Putter

Company: TaylorMade

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

TaylorMade is a golf giant and anytime you purchase their equipment you know you’re getting the best of the best – this applies to their Tour Preferred Berwick too. I really like this putter and some of my favorite features include:

  • Stainless steel materials that improve feel and responsiveness
  • Adjustable sole weight gives you more control over each putt
  • Alignment aids to help with accuracy
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This product is available for both righties and lefties and has a couple different lengths to suit your game. If you decide on this putter you’ll be very happy you did.

Take A Closer Look At The TaylorMade Tour Preffered Berwick Putter

Tour Edge HP Series Nickel 05 Putter

Company: Tour Edge

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

The Tour Edge HP Series Putter is an inexpensive product ($59) that’s geared towards beginners and intermediates – very skilled golfers will probably want a little more. You’ll like that it comes with:

  • A forgiving face that will minimize the effects of bad putts
  • Micro Grove technology promotes better and more consistent role
  • Alignment aids to help you sink putts

This piece of equipment has a nice grip that enhances feel too. You’ll have a hard time finding a better putter for such a low price.

Take A Closer Look At The Tour Edge HP Series Putter

TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy Putter

Company: TaylorMade

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

Here we have another premier putter from TaylorMade. The Itsy Bitsy is engineered for skilled golfers and will improve your performance on the green. It’s not cheap, at around $299, but worth it for anyone who values their putting. You’ll love the top features, which include:

  • Aluminum face and stainless steel body that enhance feel and give you ultimate stability
  • Pure Role technology minimizes vibrations and allows you to hit the purest putts possible
  • Very comfortable to hold and feels like an extension of your own arms

Visually speaking it’s an A+ too. If you purchase this putter you can expect to get a little attention – and of course sink some putts.

Take A Closer Look At The TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy Putter

Nike Method Matter Putter

Company: Nike

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5

Nike recently announced they’re leaving the golf game which is a shame – I really liked their equipment and gear. Their Method Matter Putter is one of the last new products left and comes with an:

  • Adjustable grip weight to give you more control over stability and balance
  • Very forgiving face will improve accuracy
  • Classic design optimizes roll

This putter isn’t overly expensive or too cheap; it’ll cost around $170. That’s not bad for Nike quality and performance.

Take A Closer Look At The Nike Method Matter Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Putter

Company: Cleveland

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

Cleveland Golf is an excellent company and their Huntington Beach 1 Putter is perfect for intermediate golfers. It features a very durable and stable design and will help you sink very difficult putts. The price is definitely fair at $99 and it:

  • Has a deep milling pattern that enhances roll
  • Stainless steel materials that allow for soft touches
  • Very responsive and has an excellent feel

It comes in various lengths and different designs to suit every golfer imaginable. This putter blends price and performance very well.

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Take A Closer Look At The Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Putter

Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus Putter 

Company: Tour Edge

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

The Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus is perfect for beginner golfers and is inexpensive – it’ll only cost around $49. Do I think skilled golfers should purchase this putter? Definitely not. This piece of equipment is a great learning tool, however, and is better than what I first started with. Some top features include:

  • Oversized grip that’s easy to hold and allows for a nice, fluid stroke
  • Alignment aids improve accuracy and simplify things
  • Minimizes twisting and keeps the head square

This product comes with a lifetime gurantee too. If you progress and improve your skills you’ll eventually want a better putter but you’ll never need a new one from wear and tear. Not bad for such a low price.

Take A Closer Look At The Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus

Odyssey Milled Collection RSX Putter

Company: Callaway

Price: $$$$

Rating: 5/5

Odyssey is a very popular line of putters from golf behemoth Callaway. Their RSX Putter is high quality and one you’ll find in the bag of some of the best golfers around. I personally love the design and it’s one of my favorite looking products on this list. Most importantly it performs on the green and that’s because it’s:

  • Engineered to the exact likings and standards of all time great Phil Mickelson
  • Stainless steel face improves roll and feel
  • Stablizing Crossbar enhances stability and accuracy

This putter isn’t cheap and will cost around $379. Entry level golfers probably couldn’t understand spending so much for a putter but seasoned players can. If you have the cash to spend, I would definitely recommend this piece of equipment.

Take A Closer Look At The Callaway Milled Collection RSX Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance Putter

Company: Titleist

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Titleist is another brand you’ll find in the bags of the best players on earth. Their Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Putter is an expensive product ($399) and should only be considered by skilled golfers. These players will love that the Futura X Dual comes with:

  • An extremely soft feel that improves accuracy
  • Sight lines make alignment easy
  • Very stable and well balanced

This is definitely one of the top putters you can own and if you decide on this product you’ll be very satisfied with its performance.

Take A Closer Look At The Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Company: Pinemeadow

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

The Pinemeadow PGX putter is excellent for entry level golfers and is fairly priced at $53. It has a nice white color that contrasts the green – this makes it easy to square up. Also, it features:

  • Alignment aids to improve putting accuracy
  • Tour weighted which is best for fast green
  • Comes with a head cover
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When I first started golfing I played with really cheap clubs and it hurt my game – I wish I had a putter like the PGX in the beginning.

Take A Closer Look At The Pinemeadow PGX

Odyssey Highway 101 Mallet Putter

Company: Callaway

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another high end putter from Callaway – the Highway 101 is pretty pricey and will cost around $356. Is it worth it? If you’re a beginner or play every once in a while probably not. However, if you really value low scores and playing at a high level it’s definitely worth considering. High performing golfers will like:

  • The carbon steel materials that give an excellent and responsive feel
  • Genuine leather grip that is ultra comfortable to hold
  • An awesome design

If you buy the Highway 101 you can expect to shave a few strokes – that’s the type of impact this putter can have.

Take A Closer Look At The Odyssey Highway 101

TaylorMade TP Juno Putter

Company: TaylorMade

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

There’s a few TaylorMade putters that are pretty expensive and will cost over $300. While the TP Juno isn’t cheap ($199), it won’t break the bank either. It has some awesome features too, like:

  • Adjustable sole weight gives you the exact feel you want at all times
  • Alignment aids to improve accuracy
  • Multiple lengths to suits all golfers

I really like this putter and believe it should be considered by every player, regardless of skill – it has something all levels will love.

Take A Closer Look At The TaylorMade TP Juno

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Company: Odyssey

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is another club that all skill levels will enjoy. It’s affordable enough for beginners ($99) and performs well enough for seasoned golfers. If you decide to purchase this putter you’ll like that it comes with:

  • A popular insert that improves feel
  • Very forgiving and will minimize the damage of bad putts
  • Alignment aids make it easy to square the head to the ball

You can find different lengths and styles for all players. It’s rare to find this quality of a putter for such a low price – there’s pros who use this club.

Take A Closer Look At The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0

Don’t Hurt Your Game With A Low Quality Putter!

You’ll never be a good golfer or get the scores you desire if you can’t putt. You’ll never be able to putt without a quality putter either. No matter your skill level or budget there’s a product on this list that’ll work perfectly for you and help improve your game tremendously.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read, comment below and I’ll respond as fast as possible. You can let your friends and family see by sharing on social media too.

Are you ready to sink some putts this year?