Best Pet Cameras: The Definitive Guide

These are the top five best Pet Cameras on the market, chosen from Hundreds of models.

#5 –  Nest Cam

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B00WBJGUA2[/asa2] The Nest Cam offers exceptional video quality via its 1080p HD recording functionality. This type of resolution can make a big difference when streaming from your laptop or desktop. It also allows you to get more finite detail when reviewing recordings. This pet camera allows you to view your pet through your smartphone as well, with nothing more than a cellular connection and the app. The Nest app is perfectly usable via a 4G LTE connection with very little compression artifacts being introduced into the picture. In addition, this petcam’s night vision is top notch, providing a clear picture of the whole room and its talk and listen feature allows you to tell your dog to get off the couch if you see him or her on it. The Nest Cam is ideal for those who simply want to view their pets using exceptional video quality via reliable and clear streaming – it’s one the best dog cameras you can buy.

#4 –  Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B00UNQZ2QI[/asa2] The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Camera is more of a feeder with the added function of a built-in camera, however it does offer an excellent way of combining both of your needs. The camera resolution only offers 240 pixels, but if you are just checking in on your pet when they are eating this could be enough for you and your pets needs. There’s also a sound feature that allows you to call your pet over so you can be reassured they are eating as planned or just to check up with them and see how their day is going. The six separate compartments for treats, dry food, wet food and medication make this a great camera if your concern is more about feeding than actually viewing your pet. The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Camera is one of the best pet cameras on the market and is ideal for busy pet owners who need the added reassurance of being able to simply view and feed their pet with the same system.

#3 – Petcube Interactive

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B00JGWN8O8[/asa2] The Petcube Interactive is a modern, sleek and impressive pet camera that offers owners the capability to view their pets in a high-quality format via a wide lens and a 720 pixel resolution. It’s two-way interaction also gives owners reassurance their pets are not crying when they are away from home – you can give commands, talk and listen to your pets with this model. This is our pick the best pet camera for the money available to consumers. The interactive game included with this pet cam allows pet owners the chance to calibrate the laser so it can actually be aimed via a smartphone or tablet, adding to the feeling of interaction at playtime. Automatic play can also be setup when you are unable to access your Petcube Mobile App.This is one of the best pet cameras for pet owners who are looking for a sleek, reliable and multi-functional pet camera to keep an eye on their fur babies. For pet owners who like to interact, hear their pets and play with them, the Petcube Interactive is the ideal choice.

#2 – Petzi Treat Cam

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B008U73C46[/asa2] The Petzi Treat Cam is a small, modern and compact design offering owners a clear and reliable camera for viewing their favorite animal. Its small footprint allows this model to be moved around the house easily and efficiently.The camera itself gives pet owners the chance to interact with their pets via the one-way communication tool and provides owners with the opportunity to treat their animals throughout the day. At 1280 pixels, the resolution is HD quality, giving better viewing capability on both smartphones and tablets and offers the ability to stream via 4G – this is the highest quality video from any of our picks for the best pet camera. The camera has a built-in treat alarm so pets know when they are about to be fed. The treat launching element of this petcam gives your animals additional playtime too. The Petzi Treat Cam is a great option for owners looking for a clear, reliable and concise way of keeping an eye on their pets, the added functions of one-way interaction and treat launcher make this camera a value-packed model with an unbeatable price.

#1 – Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B0184VD8Q4[/asa2] The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera is a compact and wireless interactive pet camera. Offering a resolution of 720 pixels, as well as a 130-degree wide lense viewing option. Its ability to interact with pets and instantly share images, video and audio via social media platforms make this a digitally advanced and a sociable camera option. The camera gives owners clear quality interaction with two-way communication! The added ability to video chat with pets at the touch of an app is incredible – a true multi-functional app, which encourages bonding and comfort for pets. The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera shows up in pet camera reviews often for a number of reasons.  It’s a great petcam for pets owners who want a camera that offers treat dispensing, two-way communication, interactive play, multi sound options and the ability to share images and video with friends and family. Its high resolution and wide lense angle give owners the reassurance they can view their pet wherever they are in the room.

Pet Camera Reviews & Comparisons

PET CAMERAS white image white imagepetcube-interactive white imagefeed-and-go-smart-pet-feeder BestValueLRGnest-cam
MODELS  Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera  Petzi Treat Cam  Petcube Interactive  Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder  Nest Cam







[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B0184VD8Q4[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B008U73C46[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B00JGWN8O8[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B00UNQZ2QI[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B00WBJGUA2[/asa2]
X-FACTOR Social Sharing And Dropbox Download Edit Option  High Res Camera Set Timer On Laser Playtime 6 Seperate Food Compartments With Scheduling Ability Alerts To Phone When There Is Movement
LOCAL STORAGE Sd Card Sd Card Sd Card None Sd Card
INTERACTIVE GAME Laser Light None Laser Light None None
VIDEO RESOLUTION (PIXELS) 720 Pixels 1280 Pixels 720 Pixels 240 Pixels 1080 Pixels
SIZE (INCHES) 7.9″ X 4.4″ X 4.4″ 13.3″ X 7.3″ X 4.5″ 3.8″ X 3.9″ X 3.9″ 20″ X 16″ X 3″ 6.6″ X 3.8″ X 6.5″
NIGHT VISION NoMark NoMark YesMark
IOS & ANDROID APP YesMark YesMark YesMark
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Pet Cameras Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best pet camera for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your pet viewing experience.

Camera Resolution: If you are looking for a clear and concise way to keep an eye on your pet when you are not at home, the camera resolution will be of high importance to you. The resolution of pet cameras range from 240 pixels to 1280 pixels (HD quality). If you have a pet who you need to keep an eye on, the higher the resolution the better chance you have of being able to clearly see them. Resolution is even more important if you are viewing your pet from a laptop or tablet device, bigger screens lend themselves to a higher resolution. 240 pixels will offer reduced visibility; whereas high-quality resolution in the form of 1280 pixels is the standard for HD and will give you a clear and concise picture of your pet.

Two-Way Communication: Two-way communication will be an important factor if you are looking to reassure your pet, especially if it needs to be left for a few hours a time. It will allow you to comfort your pet, which in turn should keep them calm and happy within your home environment. If you can be reassured by hearing your pet’s voice, it will keep your mind at rest too. This is especially useful if you have a nervous or sick animal who would benefit from hearing the familiar tone of your voice. Two-way communication allows you to keep the bond with your pet, even when you are working or away from home. Audio control should be clear with the ability to control the noise level too.

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Treat Dispensing: With the majority of owners looking to use pet cameras for their own reassurance, being able to offer an additional function of treat or food dispensing is an added bonus. Many cameras offer the ability to either feed your pet treats or feed them throughout certain points in the day. With options to set feeding and treats on a timer, you can be happy knowing your pet is still being fed even though you are not around. Many dispensers will offer audio to prompt your pet into realizing their treat or feed time is approaching. Some camera’s audio can be selected to the individual’s preference; albeit birdsong, alarms or your voice. Treat dispensing is a must for any pet being left for longer periods of time or if you need to control medication or feed times.

Connectivity: The most important factor for any pet owner is the reliability of being able to view their pet anywhere at anytime. Most pet cameras will connect via home WIFI and the apps often available with the pet camera will rely on roaming connectivity. The minimum for most pet cameras will be via a 4G connection and this is of course dependent on the phone service provider. Connectivity will ensure you can view your pet at anytime throughout the day, without compromise. Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Pet Camera!

Top 5 Best Pet Cameras

Ranking Pet Camera Best Feature
#1 Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera Social Sharing And Dropbox Download Edit Option
#2 Petzi Treat Cam  High Res Camera
#3 Petcube Interactive Set Timer On Laser Playtime
#4 Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder 6 Seperate Food Compartments With Scheduling Ability
#5 Nest Cam Alerts To Phone When There Is Movement
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