Omega Paw Review


Self/Manual Cleaning: Simply tilt the litter box to one side and then back again! Clean litter sifts back to the main compartment and clumped dirty litter now sits in a pull out compartment on the side of the litter tray.
Size: The large size allows even the biggest cat plenty of room to move around and find the perfect spot for their business.
Cleanliness: Due to its high sides and covered tray, litter does not get flicked around the surrounding area. As the litter tray rolls from side to side to empty, the litter stays within the compartment to be emptied.
Appearance: Its modern and quirky design makes it more visually appealing, meaning it does not have to be shut away out of sight.
Durability: The Omega Paw is not as durable as expected, as the plastic is thin, and over time and through using the rolling mechanism it can crack.
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