Patpet Pts-018 Training Dog E Collar Review


Easy Mode Switching: Easily switch between the mode that you want without having to skip over other modes to get there. Touch the mode you need with one press on the remote.
16 Levels Of Shock: With 16 levels of shock and vibration, you’ll be able to save your set to perform at a certain intensity level when you’ve found the right one for your pet.
Protect Your Pet: You can automatically stop the mode that it’s on for five seconds after 10 seconds of continuous shock or vibration.
Waterproof: Don’t worry about your pet running into a pool or body of water – the collar will continue to work as it’s waterproof.
2 Year Warranty: Even 2 years after you’ve purchased this product, you’ll be able to turn it back in should a problem arise with the hardware.
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