Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review

Communication: The Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera’s two-way communication makes it easy to interact with your pets and for you to hear them too. Give commands or talk back and forth with your animals.
Video: This pet camera offers a 720-pixel video resolution and the option to directly download video streams to dropbox or the cloud for easy access and storage.
Interaction: Featuring pet play and a built-in interactive laser dot chasing game, which is easy and fun to use with a simple setup option via smartphone or tablet, there’s no shortage of playtime with this model.
Wide Angle: The camera itself offers a 130 degrees wide angle view of the room, meaning owners can easily keep an eye on their pet.
Social Sharing: Instantly share photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with this camera’s social media compatibility.
Connectivity: Connectivity over 4G can be unreliable, depending on your service provider. There can sometimes be a lag time of 5 – 10 seconds when you’re on a poor connection and trying to view the camera.
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