Scoopfree Review

Self Cleaning: With the ‘self raking’ function, the ScoopFree cat litter tray will self-clean for weeks with no scooping, cleaning, or refilling required.
Covered Trap: Once the litter has been ‘self raked,’ the dirty litter will be locked away, so odors are kept to a minimum.
Disposable Litter Tray: It is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odor control. The litter trays are purchased pre-filled.
Noise: The raking itself is loud, at the midpoint of its direction change, the rake pivots and falls to the other side making a very loud clunking noise.
Cartridge Costs: The cartridges should last 30 days, but have on occasions only lasted 20 days. The cost of the replacement cartridges are also high.
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