Tidy Cats Review


Odor Control: The cat litter tray has the ability to separate urine for outstanding odor control, the disposable cat pads absorb and control urine odor for up to one month.
Affordable: This litter tray is efficient at eliminating waste, which means 20 lbs of litter will last approx one month for 4 cats, and that’s less than $10/month.
Efficient: Due to the pads urine absorbent feature and the fact you can remove them easily, it makes the Tidy Cats litter tray VERY time efficient and VERY convenient.
No Digging: The tray is made to hold less pellets; therefore there is less for the cat to dig around as they naturally would want too.
Litter Spreading: For cats that like to try and cover their business, the design allows litter to be easily kicked out of the litter box.
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