Zacro Dc265 Review

Ample Warning: As a dog owner, the last thing you want to do is mindlessly harm your dog, and the Zacro DC265 helps protect against this with ample warning sounds for your dog to hear and obey.
7 Correction Levels: This collar works by moving through seven different correction levels which gradually increase in intensity until the dog stops barking.
Hands Free Operation: Owners don’t have to stand there with a remote control to provide the stimulus. While your dog is out in the backyard, you can rest assured the collar will automatically take care of things.
No Remote: While hands-free operation is nice, it would be better to have physical control over the shock in case a higher shock setting needed to be applied.
Not Rechargeable: There is no rechargeable battery coming with this model. Owners will have to purchase their own disposable batteries.
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