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    Engraving is a beautiful way of personalizing that which you want to be cherished.  It's also great for name plates!  Once we have our material or substrate, now we can affix the material, usually metal (Aluminum, Brass, etc.), to our Engraving machine. 
    We have numerous font, sizes, and styles from which you can choose for your customization.  If you are looking for your logo on a plaque or trophy, we suggest you check out our full color sublimation.


Basic Fees
  • Engraving
    • 1-5 Items    ($0.35 per character)
    • 6-15 Items    ($0.30 per character)
    • 16+ Items    ($0.25 per character)
  • Metals
    • All metals are available with a variety of colors
    • Specialty colors may have increased prices
      • Aluminum
      • Brass
      • Brass Plated Steel
  • Plastics
    • Plastic plates come in nearly every possible color, in many different finishes, all with varying material compositions
      • Satin
      • ADA Alternative
      • Matte
      • Lacquer
      • Metal
      • Flexibrass
      • Contemporary Wood
      • Texture
      • Safe-T-Mark
  • Customer Provided Materials    (Engraving Prices are Doubled)
    • We can work with you to find the material that meets your needs at the cost you want


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the WORK:

Sublimation offers you the opportunity to print a colorful or complex design to your plaques!  Not all materials can be used for sublimation, but most metals can be sublimated.  

As soon as we determine the material being used and we have a digital photo or digital artwork, we can print it to special transfer paper using a special type of sublimation ink.  Now we take the transfer paper and apply it to the material or substrate on which we want to transfer.  Then we use a heat press to heat the transfer paper to temperatures ranging from 350 to 400 degrees to transfer the ink from the paper to the metal.  This will produce a very rich, colorful, and photo like image.  


The advantage of Sublimation is it provides the opportunity for a very colorful image with photo like quality.  Artwork can consist of digital photos or digital artwork and can have a great deal of complexity.  If you don't have Artwork, our talented designers would be more than happy in assisting you to create or develop your Artwork.


Basic Fees
  • Artwork    ($30 per hour, prorated)
    • Our designers are quick and talented and are willing to work with you
    • Even customer submitted Artwork usually needs some type of editing
      • Enlarging
      • Thickening
      • Recreating
    • minimum charge of $5 will charged for Artwork Design on all sublimation orders, even for customer submitted artwork
  • Printing    ($9.99 per image)
  • Sublimation Metal (Aluminum)
    • White
    • Satin Gold
    • Satin Silver
    • Bronze
    • Matte Gold
    • Matte Silver
Special Fees
  • Customer Provided Materials    (Printing fees are doubled)
    • We can work with you to find the material that meets your needs at the cost you want