The Best Racquetball Racquet for You

You already decide to try racquetball, or maybe you realized that you like to keep playing it as your sport to improve your health and lifestyle. Racquetball was invented by Jeo Sobek around 1950, and he called it paddleball and paddle racket. He wanted a fast-paced sport that could in an enclosed court whether it is indoor or outdoor court.

Racquetball is a social sport because you will need a partner to play it. You can play in singles and in doubles if you want more people to join you. This game is played by using a small ball. The size of the ball matters because it will speed the game.

You will always be challenged with this game because the small ball is testing your speed with its size. Rubber is what are racquetballs made of. The repetition of the mechanics is actually comfortable and thrilling at the same time. And just like any other sport, it will always be fun.

Let’s stop talking about the ball in the racquetball game, and let’s focus on another equipment, and that’s the racquet. The racquet is important in the game because you will hit the ball with it, but you should not just use any racquet. You should use a racquet that is suitable for you. Let this guide you on how to choose a racquetball racquet, but keep an open mind also.

Choosing the racquet that is right for you is actually difficult because you can’t determine its use until you play the game with it.

1. You should know how to determine the racquet weight by your own swing speed

Your own swing speed will be the determining factor when choosing a racquet. It will affect your control, maneuveraulity, and your power, so you need to make sure that you are buying the racquet according to your own swing speed and not others. There is actually categories for your own swing speed.

  • Slow Swing, Heavy Weight Racquet
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This will weigh about 185 grams or over. This is the racquet recommended for beginners to the sport. Those who are already experienced might want to buy this too because they usually shift their style from being a power heavy game player to a more controlled one.

  • Moderate swing, Medium Weight Racquet

This weighs about 170-185 grams. This is the racquet that most people would be recommended to buy especially if they are already gaining experience in playing the game. This racquet could actually already provide an edge to the player because it could balance control and power.

  • Fast Swing, Light Weight Racquet

This racquet weighs about 150-160 grams. This racquet is recommended to those highly skilled players already who already displayed their prowess to the game brought by their consistent practice in the game. This racquet will also maximize the maneuverability. This is a good choice for those who could already identify and unleash their power on the court, and this racquet should not be chosen if the player has an injury. If the player has an injury, it is best to consult a sport coach and the physician before buying this racquet or any racquet actually.

2. You should learn how to determine the balance

Determining the balance would let you define or identify the feel of your racquet when you hold it. And you could actually determine how you could balance it without even using it on the field yet. The racquet would actually affect your maneuverability and power. There are different racquets that can determine balance.

  • Head heavy

The head heavy racquets will focus its weight at the top or head of the racquet. This type of racquet will actually increase the swing weight and the swing speed. This racquet will also help in increasing the power.

  • Head Light

The head light racquet will focus on its weight on the handle, so the rest of the racquet will actually make the rest of the racquet lighter. You can choose this racquet if you want to increase the maneuverability and if you want it for frontcourt play.

  • Even Balance

This racquet will put the balance that is right in the middle of the racquet. This racquet will actually make you balance the power and control. If you like to customize the racquet then this request is the racquet for you.

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3. You should determine the swing weight

The weight of the racquet can actually be a factor on how much you can exert effort on power, maneuverability, and control. The racquets actually will come in three basic weights, and you need to find the idea weight that will suit your needs.

Light- this racquet weighs about 164 grams and below.

Medium- weighs about 165 to 174 grams

Heavy- 175 grams or more

Determining the right weight for you is through looking at your swing speed. If you have a faster swing speed then you can use lighter racquets because the racquet actually could exert its own power.

If you are a moderate speed swinger then buy a racquet that is in middle weight range. When you buy a middle weight range, it could be really be a useful for everyone because the racquet balances power and control.

The slower swinger players should try using the heavier racquets because it could yield them more power. The heavier racquets should be recommended to beginner players because it could benefit them in many ways.

Though this guide had been detailed, it still applies to the general, and you should still keep an open mind to exemptions and many suggestions from your sport coach and friends who are experienced in in the racquetball game. According to many sources, when you have an injury, a medium racquet is recommended but the last say will always be your physician.

4. You should know if you are in for control or power

Sometimes we want to get the most of one feature without disregarding the rest. Though the equipment may come with all the features, each one is actually yielding more power or control.

  • High Swing Weight, yielding high power

The higher swing weight racquet could actually create the highest quantity of power with the little amount of effort, swing speed, and stress. This good because the player can have greater power in what he would choose to do either to hit, kill, pass, and down the line shots. New players can be fit into this category because they are yet to learn how to control the ball.

  • Low Swing Weight, yielding more control

The lower swing weight could actually perform with less momentum in the swing. This will make it easier for the player to adjust fast and to generate touch shots. The control player actually will attack the front walls and will rely on the ball placement to win the game. The control player actually uses ceiling balls, more lobs, and pinches to confuse their opponents and win the game.

  • Medium Swing Weight, both of best worlds
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When you want power and control then the medium swing weight is the best racquet for you because it is the easiest for anyone to use. According to sources, this racquet might play around an even balance +/- 2 points head-light or head-heavy. A player who could balance power and control will understand and will use power and touch placement to get ahead of the game. This racquet is actually perfect for the competitive players.

5. You should actually play around your price

Every customer should have a price range in mind, especially when you don’t want to waste money on this. A budget plan is really effective when choosing a racquet that is suitable for you. You should actually be specific on what racquet will you buy. You can actually buy a second-hand racquet without a discount from your friend.

6. You should have a brand in mind

The brand of your racquet is actually as important as you think because each company has their own defining features exclusive with their racquets. These racquets will make you feel differently and could actually let you play differently because of how it’s made. You should keep an open mind when choosing the racquet for you because it will determine what kind of game will you be playing with your racquet.

7. You should know how to determine your Grip Size

The grip size is easy to determine how you want it. Either by choosing a grip size that is bigger or smaller. Many players may prefer to use the smaller grip, but it depends on you on what preference you have. The Super Small grip could actually give a more wrist snap. This could shift to power increase, but you should also take note that the extra small could create pain and injuries. You should be sure with what grip is comfortable for you, and if you are not sure then you can use smaller or bigger. Just remember that your comfort is important here.