One Legged Balance and the Sideways K Softball Drill Training

Most of softball beginner are focusing on building balance as well as beating chicken scratch. They want to balance their body movements as well as the wrist swing and windmill motion as these are the major factors that must be focused when you are using any drill or playing match in the softball ground.

After a years of research we find out some drills that will help to control over all the body balancing and movement issues that you have, You can use these drill back to back as well as you can also use them in different softball exercise section according to your convenience in training session. These are really helpful for the beginner pitcher that are going to play their entry level tournament as well as other people who want to improve balancing.


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An Overview of One Legged Balancing Softball Drill

A pitcher can’t survive in the ground until she have a perfect balance. As he need complete control over the balancing during lunge off the mound. And from the beginning to end position of lunge off to the mound the pitcher must have balance.

For practicing this drill the pitcher of your team will be stand at a distance of ten to fifteen feet from the position of catcher. The pitcher must be on your right leg, Pitcher must set her leg raised to make an angle of 90 degree at the knee, She must bend her left knee in this drill as well as her shin must be perpendicular to the softball field.

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But you must need to follow the guidelines which are different for both right handed and left handed player. Both of the player are using the different foot scheme for throwing the ball so the step in this drill will also the opposite for left handed softball players.

Pitcher must drive forward to use the windmill motion after she passes and bring her back hand arm form hip. Which help the player for driving the power from lunging to ball.

After Player bring her back arm from hip she than swing the softball and release them with its full power. After throwing the ball the pitcher will than lower down its legs for the next repetition.

The pitcher try to control over the balancing of body when he raised her leg. Even in this way her pitches will be weak but allow its body to use the right muscle of body for balancing. But don’t worried you may fall during the practicing of this drill as you don’t have an enough experience to cope with this drill. But try to use the necessary precautions when you try this trill to avoid serious injury from falling down.

An Overview of the Sideways K Softball Drill

One Legged Balance softball drill only focus on the balancing and help the pitcher for kicking their foot rather than dragging it backward during any pitch which is covered in the sideways k softball drill. This drill is mostly used immediately after the one legged balance drill by itself or being the part of any training session in which you are training.

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In this drill the pitcher have a distance of fifteen to twenty feet from the catcher at home plate. Pitcher must be standing on the plate with her shoulder facing the catcher. At this position you must again follow the right hander and left hander guideline to follow the exact position of the pitcher.

Now the pitcher will bring his hand in windmill motion after bring it towards the back hip. After she will use her left foot for lunging forward as well as pushing off the ground. In this way your right foot be drag behind (right hander and left hander guideline must be followed)

On the other hand the pitcher must close her back hip to release and snap the softball after the dragging of right foot. Now she must use the scheme of stepping to move forward towards the line with her left foot.

Precautions and Further Tips

After the completion of the One Legged Balance drill with on or off field you can then use the Sideways K softball drill. You can use a catcher for practicing the Sideways K drill. But there are some important factors that must be kept it mind while you are practicing the Sideways K drill.

You must have the actual dirt for practicing the Sideways K drill because if you don’t have the actual dirt you can’t get skills on this drill. So it is necessary to use the actual dirt for this drill. Every surface have their own drag style so if you are practicing it on the grass, carpet or any other flooring you may not actually grip on this drill because there is no actual dirt drag which you may face in the softball ground.

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But you can practice One Legged Balance drill at home or during any team training session. You must use a pitch back when you are going to practice it alone at outdoor while on other hand use the softie ball rather than the actual soft ball because it may damage the wall or other surface that you are going to use for throwing.

With the help of these couple of drills you can easily control over the balancing as well as the right foot lifting mistakes during the lunge off the mound.


By using the above mentioned technique you can be a master in the balancing and beating chicken scratch techniques. There are also many other techniques that you can get from other sources. But all you need to do is practice the drill during regular training session which help you to ensure the best playing skills during the softball tournaments. You can also get the books and other resources which help you to know more about balancing and foot rising skills on internet but it’s better to discuss it with your coach to avoid any mishap.