Perfect Softball Bats – A Guide for the Power Hitter

Length of Softball Bat

Choosing the right size might be the most challenging factor of choosing a bat. As you grow older, you begin find out a certain length which is most effective for you. It is combo of feel and performance. Some players prefer to swing a short length bat, because they’re allowed to truly have a faster bat movement and much more control through the area. Whereas you might see better player swing a bat longer. He might do that because he’s strong enough and an extended bat equals a more substantial barrel and greater force when coming up connection with the Softball.

The overall role of thumb is the fact when you can grip the bat out with front one arm, then your bat is satisfactory to utilize. However, we do nothing like to utilize this test at BBCOR Bats HQ, since it doesn’t really test anything.

Same applies to the charts that exist online, that advises a bat size based on the players’ level and weight. These charts or simple testing may be used to get a feeling of what duration works best, but will not compare to really reaching softballs with different measures of bats. This will provide you with immediate feedback on whether it’s the right length for you. If you’re in a position to barrel the ball constantly then it’s the appropriate size for you. If you’re getting jammed constantly, the bat is most probably too long. If you’re striking the ball on the finish of the bat constantly, the space may be too brief.

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Perfect Softball Bats – A Guide for the Power Hitter. Image by bustedwallet

Lightweight aluminum Vs. Barrel Material-Composite Bats

The barrels of mostly softball bats are manufactured with different types of metal. Usually they are manufactured with aluminum as well as composite material. It depends on your personal preference that which bat you choose for playing. However, we have provided you with a comparison of composite and aluminum bats below. So that you can make a decision based upon which one you think will be a better fit for your abilities and price range.

The barrels of BBCOR bats are created out of two different kinds of metal. Ultimately there is absolutely no right or incorrect response to whether you should purchase aluminum one are composite one. Everything depends on your personal preference.

Difference between the Composite Material & Aluminum Alloy Bat

Composite bats are manufactured with woven fibers of carbon Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiber glass and graphite. Composite is commonly stronger and lighter one allowing the bat manufacturer to make a bat with an extended barrel and slow speed swing capacity. However, if you decide to go with a composite bbcor bat, you will in” need to “break it. Which will help you to get the ultimate performance.

Lightweight aluminum bats are manufactured with different metals and alloy depends on the several bat companies. Metal bats tend to be stiff and reactive. And therefore when you make contact with the bat will flex minimally and you’ll be in a position to feel whether you made hard contact or “just missed” it.

Lightweight aluminum bats are also very durable and help you to definitely get great value for your money. Additionally it is important to say that lightweight aluminum bats do not need a break-in period. They could be taken right from the pack onto the taking part in field.

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One-Piece vs. Two Piece Bats

Given that you have identified which kind of materials you want your barrel to crafted from, it is time to decide if you need a 1-piece or 2-piece bat. Each one offers unique performance improvements. Like deciding between lightweight aluminum alloy and composite material bat just, there is absolutely no right or wrong answer here. Finally it’s the player’s choice.


One-Piece Bat Benefits

These bats are manufactured out of either aluminum or composite material. These bats have a tendency to be stiffer and more powerful. Which means that when the bat makes connection with the ball, little to no energy is lost along the way.

In addition, it means you need to be reasonably strong to swing the softball bats through the area, they have just swing weight little higher, but drive the ball further also. If you’re strong and are a powered hitter. One-Piece Bat is best option for you.

Two-Piece Bat Benefits

These bat have barrel and handle that are bonded with each other. They could be manufactured from different materials. The materials of the barrels are different for the different bat companies. These bats design permits the bat to flex through the swing, which will cause increased power and speed. These bats are more tailored to get hold of hitters that are looking a quicker bat speed and lighter swing weight.

Top Heavy Bats vs. Balanced Bats

When you have strong wrist and forearms that a powered hitter have, you might like to consider using a top heavy bat as well as end-loaded bat. The excess weight towards the ultimate end, will provide you with more force when coming up with connection with the ball that may lead to furthers distances.

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On other hand the balanced bat are simple. If you’re more of a contact hitter and want better bat control, go along with balanced bat. Balanced bat is the de facto choice, you can’t fail with it.

Grip or the Handle of Bats

This one is focused on personal choice and feel. Each bat manufacturer has another type of handle and grip. You intend to decide on a bat that feels comfortable in the hands. You certainly do not need to be taking into consideration the grasp or deal with whenever you’re up to bat. Almost all the bat manufacturing company will tell you the fundamentals of handle and grip which help you to choose the best bat for your next softball game. So you must keep all these things in mind to choose a better bat that lead you towards the success as well as help you to improve performance in your next tournament.