Softball Injury Protection – Best Way to Prevent the Softball Injuries

The ASA (Amateur Softball Association) is one of the top Softball league which have registering more than 1.2 million girls which is consist of more than 83000 girls annually. The ratio of softball player tend to be high when compare it with the baseball team.

Some of the major injuries that may happen with the softball players are ankle ligament sprains, upper leg strains, contusions, knee internal derangement, throwing shoulder strains and much more. Most of these injuries causes from the base sliding which is considered as one of the dangerous thing in softball match.

There are also different type of injuries which include the pitcher throwing injuries which may happen when a pitcher use the pitching techniques. Some of the major injuries to pitcher are tendinitis of the shoulder and elbow, nerve injury and stress fractures. These can be avoided if you use proper precautions when playing softball.

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Best Way to Prevent the Softball Injuries

There are variety of ways that you can use to prevent the injuries during the softball tournaments. Some of that softball protection techniques are mentioned below:

  • Use of proper sliding techniques can help you to prevent the injuries. Like first feet sliding and other techniques of feet sliding.
  • Using the softball helmets can help you to save your face because they have a face guard to protect your face from the softball.
  • There are variety of warm up exercise including the stretching exercises, cardio exercise and many throwing exercises that can help you to stay fit and avoid serious injuries that may cause due to lack of practice.
  • You can also change the position of player beside the pitcher which help you to get experience on all the places as well as avoid injuries in tournaments.
  • Age Appropriate Pitching is the best way to control over the pitching injuries because it provide the exact number of pitch count according to the age of team players. So by using pitch count guidelines you can easily help your team player to avoid game injuries.
  • Don’t try to pitch more than one team by using the overlapping season method, as it always be the main reason of softball injuries.
  • Flexibility of the pitcher is the major factor that must be kept in mind rather than strengthening of the player. Flexibility will help the player to stay calm and applying the new strategies on the team.
  • Don’t ever try to pitch with any type of pain or fatigue with shoulder and elbow. Check it up to doctor on daily basis if pain prolong to one week because if you don’t have a proper treatment of pain this may harm your body muscle and cause serious injury.
  • Before the age of thirteen don’t try to pitch more than two consecutive days. And after the age of thirteen don’t try to pitch more than three consecutive days which will be recommended standard for each softball player. And also don’t try to play year round which is also harmful for your body.
  • Only use the radar gun in the tournament when the player have age more than 15 because research shows it also effect the mind as well as other parts of your body.
  • Continuously discuss with your coach if you have any type of pain or fatigue so that you can easily control over any pain that may happen due to excessively playing.
  • Each player of the team must develop the skills including the control, accuracy, and good mechanics according the age of that player if you really want to avoid softball game injuries.
  • Always try to emphasize the strengthening of your body as well as the core and gluteal muscles. Which help you get in shape and stay fit which is a necessary part for performing well in the softball game.
  • If you really want to learn the softball game injuries prevention techniques than its must that you consult with any athletic trainer as well as medical professional which provide you core tips and techniques to overcome on these injuries.
  • If you have any injury and recovering it don’t try to play the game until you medical professional will grant you for fitness otherwise you may not complete recover your injury and may face some serious condition.
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Rest Periods Which Mostly Coach Recommend

Every coach have set their own rest time period because coach really knows that when their player need a rest. But there are also some standard rest period times that must be followed for preventing the injuries and other health issues.

When a girl playing in the tournament he must play 2 to 3 consecutive games on each day and may be this routine remain same for net 2 to 3 days so it’s better to take a rest of 2 days to prevent your team from injuries. Some of the standard guidelines shows that a girl with an age less than 12 years can play a total of 2 days consecutive pitching while on other hand a girl with and age of more than 13 can play a total of 3 days of consecutive pitching to prevent the injuries.

A complete rest must be provided to the team players which include no batting drill, No live pitching, and no hitting or field drill. It is necessary that each player loosen up their body and get benefits from flexibility which is really a necessary part for mind and body health.

The Final Words

By using the above mention softball protection tips and techniques you can easily prevent the injuries. There are many other customized training and sessions that your coach can provide you just for the sake of team health and well-being. All you need to do is to follow the instruction and don’t try to be over smart because it may be dangerous for you. You can also get many resources for online exercise and drills on internet that help you to stay fit and preventing from serious injuries.

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