Top Three Slowpitch Softball Bats Recommended By Pros

Do you want to find out trustworthy information about buying slowpitch softball bats? Buying softball bats for your goals in this famous sport may be difficult. You may find other sites with trends that are not updated and not enough shopping tips. This guide will help you to get the most reliable information on top three slowpitch softball bats.

What are the qualities of slowpitch softball bats?

Slowpitch softball bats are prepared to hit balls that have an 11 or 12 inch diameter. They are made to hit balls that come from of a distance of 50 feet. They made up of wood, composite, or aluminium materials. These bats can be no more than 34 inches long.

What should I look when buying these types of bats?

Finding the best softball bat may be hard. Bats have a special feel to them. You would also to make sure the bat would be worth all your savings. This checklist with reliable advice on buying slowpitch softball bats can help you.

  • Brand- you would want to go for any of the “major three” softball bat brands: Easton, Louis Slugger, and DeMarini. These bat brands ensure safety and good technology in bats.
  • Certification- may sure your sotball bat is legal. It must be certified by an organization like ASA, ISF, or USSSA. Certification means you can be part of any competition or play at any ball park.
  • Alteration-you may be banned from the professional sport if your bat is altered. Make sure it was not juiced, marked, or excessively layered.
  • Measurement- once you get the bat measure it along your body. Then you should test your batting stance with it to test its weight,
  • Prices- bats can be affordable as $100 and as expensive to $600. The materials, certification, and brand are the main factors of prices.
  • Endloaded or Balanced bats- endloaded bats are for power hitters who love the batting experience while balanced bats are for baseline bats who bat occasionally
  • Age- getting a bat usually depends on his age to get a bat with a weight and height he can handle
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Top Three Picks for Slowpitch Bats

Now I know you are wondering…what are the popular slowpitch softball bats? These are reliable and complete information on your favourite softball bats.

Louisville Slugger 2014 Z-3000 End Load USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

You can get the lovely Louisville Slugger 2014 Z-3000 End Load USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat at $399 on Amazon. It comes in grey and green. It comes from the brand that has dared to create the most “firsts” in softball and baseball bat history. It is a three piece set with composite materials.

The bat incorporates Tru3 Technology which strengthen the connection between the handle and barrel. You can play it any competition or ball park with its USSSA certification. Although it has composite materials, customers have confirmed that it does come hot out of the wrapper. Louisville Slugger 2014 Z-3000 End Load USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat has also been used by leagues to win games.

This bat would be best used by professionals who would know how to handle its qualities well. It could help adults enjoy their ball park games more.

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Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This beautiful black bat is from a new brand which aims to give softball bats high technology. Although Miken is not considered the “big three”, it has proven to provide quality bats. This bat is affordable at $219 on Amazon. It is certified by Utrip.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat has a 100 comp that can be a good game changer. Although it says the bat is hot once delivered at your door step, you must be aware you would still have to break in the bat after 100-200 hits. This challenges the batter to really become “one” with his bat.

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The bat still should be checked out by the umpire for official games since it is not certified by ASA. Because it is cheap, has good materials and provides a challenge to most players it would be best to be used for practice or beginner softball players.

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Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat

If you are looking for an ASA approved softball bat, Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 is a definite choice and just like how its name suggest it is good for power hitters. You can expect the bat to be heavy and provide an extra thrill to the hitter. It comes in black and yellow.

This bat is sold on Amazon at a range of $169 to $300. The price depends on length, weight, and the specific item you choose since Amazon has stocks of this item. It has become in demand because of certification and brand. Beyond that this bat promises good hits to be made.

Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat would be best to be used by owners who are seeking to be professionals. High school students can gain scholarships if they know how to handle this bat.

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Other Essential Slowpitch Bat Advice

Remember that slowpitch is very different from fastpitch bats. They differ in weight and therefore management of pitch speeds. You would not want to buy fastpitch bats for slowpitch bat games. Slowpitch bats are also adjustable to both capacities of women and men since fastpitch bats are men for women hitters alone.

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The game of baseball only differs with inning numbers. You still would want to consult an umpire just in case you accidentally brought your softball bat with you.


Buying slowpitch softball bats can be effortless now that you have the greatest information on buying them. This article has picked top three slowpitch softball bats for you. You can find out more about softball and its trends all over this site Don’t forget to share this website with your friends. You would be thanked by everyone with suggesting this site.