Top USA Softball Leagues You Might Want to Know

USSSA Fastpitch Softball Leagues

USSSA Fastpitch is going to be a really popular in Texas. In mostly countries USSSA is already a well-known league. In Texas they are proceeding more now which is a hard to believe fact.

USSSA have really a power in all its matter like they have an association of 20000 fastpitch teams that registered around the country and becoming a powerful force in the history of fastpitch softball. All the World fastpitch Championships leagues are held in Florida every year. This is the only league that has combination of pro team and they also have their own with name USSSA Pride.

The main different rule is that this league requires 11 batters as AP. You must qualify from State or NIT Tournament to join this league other than the Orlando World Series where you just registered and get start playing the word league matches. There are 3 type of classification and team may choose classification A, B or C. You can’t choose a player from a different classification. Texas state game league will be held in July to showcase the player that qualifies from different states.

National Pro Fastpitch Softball Leagues

National Pro Fastpitch is normally a pro softball team leagues which is founded in 1997 however it is folded in 2001. This league has six teams and first revived in 2004.

USSSA Florida Pride, Houston Scrap Yard Dawgs, Dallas Charge, Akron Racers, Pennsylvania Rebellion, and the Chicago Bandits are the six team that playing in this league. After 2004 there is gradually increase in the number of teams for this league.

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NPF have a special selection procedure. They draft the seniors of colleges and then provide the opportunity to play in tryout matches in winter for filling the suitable roaster which are going to play in next league. It is a pro team tournament so every senior of college can enroll itself for the next tryout matches.

If you are not a senior than may be your scholarship affected with this league as they have a professional contract with you. But they financially pay you around $5000 to $6000 in the gaming season and give the 3 month residence during the gaming season which is June , July and august.

Rules of this league are same as the college softball tournaments. The same distance for a pitcher as 43’ and for bases its 60’. So there is no big deal to join and play this league.

Amateur Softball Association Softball Leagues

Amateur Softball Association Which is also known as ASA is Oklahoma City based nonprofit organization. This organization has founded in 1933 and has few hundred teams at starting but after the popularity of leagues and championship there are now 160,000 teams today. And also involve 70 other local associations that working with it.

This Association conducts more than 100 National Championships every year. Which allow the team from different countries and state to play games at different levels.

There are 2.4 million player registered with this league and annually 80,000 more new player registration.  There are also 25,000 certified umpires that registered on annually basis.

The main thing that I like in this league is they offer discounts on hotel residence, Car rentals and different type of insurance when you get membership with Amateur Softball Association. And also offer fundraising in both traditional and non traditional way to the members of Amateur Softball Association. So that’s why I think it’s the best league to join and will be beneficial for your career.

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NYC Softball League

NYC Softball League helps young adults in softball leagues and also be a member of the Ultimate Rec Sports Network and serving in NYC from many years.

NYC Softball League offers their expertise to organize the softball tournament for men and women in NYC. At Manhattan softball fields or Randall’s Island they organize tournament three times in a year for academic as well as corporate teams!

NYC Softball League was first introducing in summer of 2009 as a recreational league. This league starts with 5 teams and then steadily grows up to hundred of teams registered on annually basis. This league offers both slowpitch softball and fastpitch softball tournaments.

NYC Softball League is free agents and offer services to companies that are going to organize softball games. This league was one day tournament which will be modified after additions of more teams. Teams are placed in four pools for playing softball and become a champion.

Teams will be placed in 4 team pools for pool play. Division winner advances to the championship. A registration fee for this league is $420 which includes the registration fee of 10 to 16 rosters, ball used in match as well as umpire fees. The league has 2 over limit for each game and team.

NCAA Softball League

The NCAA Softball League held in May and June in United State each year with team from 64 colleges. Which culminate in the Oklahoma City based Women’s College World Series.

This NCAA Softball League has a unique way of competition consist of three tires. In this way you can’t eliminate from the league if you loss a single match. A team can maximum loss four game play and still have become a champion on their overall performance.

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First tier in this league is called “regionals” which have 4 teams that compete with each other in double elimination bracket. The number one seed with match with the number sixteen, Number two seed with matched with number five seed and so on. Winner of these regionals qualify for second tier called “super regionals”

In the second regionals 16 surviving teams played with each other in 8 different state of USA. There are best of three matches for all the team which decide that who will qualify for the Women’s College World Series.

After the super regionals all the surviving team will play match against each other at Women’s College World Series. The 8 teams are divided in to 2 pools of 4 teams which compete under the double elimination bracket.

The winner of both the pools bracket will compete each other in champion ship series held at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. This match is played on the same rule as super regionals. Team will than battle with each other to win crowned national champion. There are best of three in teams which decide the winner of NCAA Softball League. And the ceremony is held in the same state for prize distribution and other function that they have for NCAA Softball League.