Ultimate Fastpitch Softball Facts You Must Know

The game of softball was created in 1887 within Chicago. As it was initially played in the indoor environment, it was known as “indoor baseball” till 1926 when it’s get an official name “softball”. The real name suggests because of the ball is soft but actually, a fast-pitch softball is usually hard like a baseball. But the slow-pitch softball is comparatively soft.

Field Dimensions of Softball

Due to softball’s initial indoor environment, the initial dimensions for playing this game is comparatively small than any baseball field dimensions. The size is still same including the corner of field, bases as well as diamond, are 60′ apart when compared with baseball’s 90′. Therefore, the distance between the home plate and the pitcher’s rubber can be shorter: 46′ with regard to men along with 43′ for women in comparison with 60′ 6″ within baseball. Regulation fast-pitch softball games are usually 7 innings long when compared with baseball’s 9.

Ball Of Fastpitch Softballs

Fastpitch softballs are usually slightly bigger than baseballs and have a size of 11″ or maybe 12″ within diameter while on other hand a baseball have size of 9″. As soon as softball seemed to be invented, a 16″ ball was used along with the fielders failed without any safety gloves. That tradition carries on today within Chicago. A fastpitch softball has a weight of 6. 5 oz while on the other hand the baseballs weight is 5 oz. While softballs could be white similar to baseballs, since 2002. Optic yellow was the official color of the softball which is also similar with tennis ball.

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Bats of Fastpitch Softballs

Softball bat is not made up with wood while on other hand baseball bat is made from wood. According to the rules of softball bats, they are manufactured with aluminium material.  Fastpitch softball gloves are usually slightly bigger than baseball gloves in order to a strong grip on the larger softball.

Speed Of Softball Pitching

One of several differences between softball and base-ball is how a ball is actually pitched. Delivering the ball Underhand, motion or maybe windmill is the main options for fast-pitch softball. But your speed from the ball along with the challenge it presents to the batter is actually same as the baseball have. It’s typical for fast-pitch softball pitchers to achieve speeds up to 60 mph or more with his or her throws.


In summer Olympics a pitcher speed is recorded as 73 mph which is higher than the typical speed of pitcher which is 65 mph to 70 mph at college level. Fast-pitch pitchers can also make your ball swings many dimensions like a baseball pitcher; pitchers on the high institution level could throw ball with slider as well as curve. As the fast-pitch softball pitching length is 14″ or maybe 17″ shorter when compared to distance with regard to baseball, but you get the same reaction of ball speed in both softball and baseball. And in softball and baseball you have the same time to decide whether you swing or not.

Tips & Trick for Fastpitch Softball

The actual role of your pitcher and his or her skills is fairly vital in determining the number of wins which a softball team can achieve within a year. That is why the appropriate softball education, drills, and tactics need to be employed by the coach and the softball pitcher so that you can get success in each game you play.

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Here are few tips that help you in winning every softball game:

Try To Start With Fastpitch Drop?

Fast-pitch drop pitching definitely heightens the pitching along with throwing rate, strength as well as technique. To accomplish these try having shorter strides to elevate more the discharge or even release point

Regulate Your Throw

Essentially the most common factors behind easy to hit and error-filled pitches are how the ball is thrown more high in a striking zone. To meet this condition coaches need to instruct his or her pitchers to regulate the throw by possessing the ball within a split-longer time through the wind-up just before release.

Relax Your ARM

Ensure that you always loosen up the pitching arm after every pitches placed. It is probably the best competitive softball pitching tips to remember mainly because it helps in prolonging your career as a pitcher. Relaxing your arm reduce strain inflammation during match. So be wise along with rest for a while.

Softball Hitters Analyzing

Attempt to survey the hitting style of softball player, his strength, weakness and standing position. Use the details you have gathered to get benefit on the player. Hitters who usually lunge at the ball can be thrashed using fast balls whether under or even in hands. Use a proper plan to get benefit from the weakness of your opponent.

Try To Find Styles

With regards to pitching there are different types of pitching styles that player use during the game. Every player has their own pitching style which he used in both practice and tournament. With these pitching styles there is more than sixty percent chance that you hit a power throw against any expert softball player. There are many pitching styles for softball to use. You can find them from softball mentors, fellow softball players, books along with magazines of softball as well as through the internet. It’s better to try one style at a time and not to try more which may confuse you.

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Most expert player has more than 2 pitching styles and some of them have up to 6 pitching styles. You don’t need to use all that style to be a best player. You must choose one with whom you are comfortable and then practice it again and again until you get expertise in it.


At end I want to say that if you really want to be a best fastpitch softball player than you must follow the above mentions tips and general information on different equipment and ground mentions. Or try to join a softball coaching club which helps you to enhance your skills in fastpitching softball.