10 Best Unicycle Mini Self Balancing Scooters

Which is the best self-balancing mini unicycle scooter to purchase in 2016? If you enjoy scooting and are looking for a valuable accessory that you can ride on a daily basis, keep the following attributes in mind before reaching for your purse or wallet. First, even though hoverboard look and work the same, not all models equal. Choose an accessory made of heavy-duty plastic or metal alloy material. It should also be stable, have high value components, and have an ergonomic self-balancing design, recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Most high-end models meet the foregoing threshold. However, for the best experience, however, the 10 best models to buy include:

10. Segminismart 2016 Unicycle Mini Scooter
Segminismart 2016 Unicycle Mini Scooter

A valuable accessory for both beginners and professionals, Segminismart 2016 is a well-made universal unicycle scooter with a light and portable mini design recommended for everyday travel. The quality plastic used to manufacture it is durable. Its well-balanced dual wheel design is innovative, while its wide and ergonomic drifting platform is durable and has an advanced self balancing technology that makes scooting fun. It monitors body movement accurately whilst ridding. With its array of sensors and built in gyro system it them makes the necessary adjustment to keeps users stable and as comfortable as possible. Segminismart 2016 is USA-made; battery powered, supports 220 pounds, and has a smart technology with an array of functional/dependable safety features. You get a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty with each purchase.

9. DZT1968 Self-Balancing Unicycle Mini Hoverboard
DZT1968 Self-Balancing Unicycle Mini Hoverboard

If you are shopping for a new mini self-balancing unicycle and durability, ease of use, and affordability ranks high on your list of want, this mini hoverboard by DZT1968 is a valuable accessory to own for several reasons. Its well-finished design, for instance, is aesthetic. Its quality construction on the other hand is durable, while its sturdy platform and innovative self-balancing technology optimize fan and comfort whether you are scooting on smooth or rugged terrain. You also get large and smooth-rolling wheels, a fast charging battery system with a range of 15-20km range, and efficient motors that cruise at top speeds of up to 10km/h contained and 15km/h non-contained. DZT1968 Self-Balancing Mini Hoverboard is affordable and supports up to 110 kilograms.

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8. Fullkang 2016 Mini Electric Scooter
Fullkang 2016 Mini Electric Scooter

Fullkang 2016 is an aesthetic purple-themed mini electric scooter skateboard with a maximum speed of between 15 and 20km/h, a maximum range of 15-20kn depending on rider’s weight and terrain, and an impressive maximum load capacity of approximately 110kg. It is durable, made of a scratch and dent resistant plastic material, and has smooth-rolling steel wheels that withstand constant abuse well without losing their shape, stability, or functionality. It is battery-powered (36V*4.4AH (158WH) lithium battery), self-stabilizing, and has a maximum tilt of 15 degrees to 30 degrees. It also has a light and easy to steer design, a temperature proof build, and a sturdy platform.

7. FD Bluetooth Mini Smart Self-Balancing Unicycle Scooter
FD Bluetooth Mini Smart Self-Balancing Unicycle Scooter

FD by Ruichy is a professional-grade and black-themed self-balancing unicycle scooter recommended for commuting and recreational riding. It is battery powered, has a stable and ergonomic platform with rubberized grips that lower the risk of slipping, and a compact 58cm by 18cm by 18cm design that steers comfortably on all environments. Its rechargeable battery is power efficient. It is also fast charging, protected from damage, and offers greater range than most comparable models in the market. For those with shallow pockets, this unicycle scooter is affordable. It is also easy to maintain, does not break down easily, and comes with a detailed instruction guide.

6. PowerLead Mcle PSB002 Mini Unicycle Scooter
PowerLead Mcle PSB002 Mini Unicycle Scooter

A recommended unicycle mini scooter for adults and teens alike, PowerLead Mcle PSB002 is a functional battery-powered accessory with large eight-inch wheels. It is durable, has powerful and smooth rolling motors, and built-in side LED lights that improve visibility and therefore safety at night. You also get powerful Bluetooth speakers that stream content directly from Android smart phones, iPhone, and other Bluetooth-enabled accessories, a smart double balanced system that improves comfort and safety further, a well-built 12kg platform that supports 100kg. Because of its mini design, this accessory is relatively easier to learn.

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5. JOEL 2016 Unicycle Double Circuit Smart Balance Electric Scooter
JOEL 2016 Unicycle Double Circuit Smart Balance Electric Scooter

Acclaimed in reputable online and offline stores, JOEL 2016 is a premium-grade double circuit electric scooter with large 6.5-inch wheel that work well on all terrain. It is lighter, faster (up to 10km/h), and reliable than most comparable models in the market. It is also durable, supports up to 120kg, and has an original Samsung Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery that powers it reliable over a range of 15-20km. For optimal safety, this scooter has a well-balanced design that benefits individuals of all skill levels. It also has speed, tilt, and low battery protection, stable wheels, and a one-year limited manufacturer’s guarantee.

4. AOCBOX 2016 Self-Balancing Mini Unicycle Scooter
AOCBOX 2016 Self-Balancing Mini Unicycle Scooter

AOCBOX 2016 is an aesthetic white-themed mini unicycle scooter with a well-balanced two-wheel design that rides fast and smoothly. It is professional-grade, measures approximately 584mm by 186mm by 178mm, and has a compact and well-constructed body that supports over 100kg at full capacity. For those that ride at night often, its pair of power switched LED bulbs improve visibility in low light environments. It also has voice alerts that reflect battery capacity, a fast (up to 15km/h non-contained) and self-balancing system that works well, and a rechargeable battery system that powers a 360 watt motor.

3. Stark 2016 Self-Balancing Unicycle Scooter
Stark 2016 Self-Balancing Unicycle Scooter

Stark 2016 is a USA-made self-balancing unicycle scooter with a light, durable, and easy to use design that works well for novice and experienced scooting enthusiasts. It is black themed, has a stable and rubberized platform, and a safe and portable design that offers hours of invaluable fun. Its battery-powered electric motor system is reliable. Its high cruising speed and range is invaluable, while its low maintenance design and affordability is invaluable. You get unlimited customer support and a one-year warranty for an original model.

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2. Ularmo 2016 Mini Unicycle Smart Self Balancing Scooter
Ularmo 2016 Mini Unicycle Smart Self Balancing Scooter

With a maximum speed of 15km/h and range of 20km, Ularmo 2016 Mini Unicycle is a smart high-performance accessory that supports up to 110kg. It has a striking red theme, a well-designed wheel and self-balancing system, and a built-in rechargeable battery system that keeps its running reliably for long. Its low profile design is easy to mount and ride. Its durability is invaluable, while the set of power switch LEDs that it comes with boost safety of users at night.

1. DZT1968 Self Balancing Mini Scooter
DZT1968 Self Balancing Mini Scooter

DZT1968 is our pick of the best mini unicycle scooter in the market. Even though cheap, this one of a kind accessory is powerful, supports up to 100kg, and has a premium battery powered electrical motor system that guarantees cruising speeds of up to 15km/h (non-contain). It is highly stable, fun to ride, and has several safety features that make it an ideal personal transporter.