Top 10 Best Adult Halloween Costumes Reviews

Now that Halloween is only a few days away, it means that it is costume crunch-time. If you haven’t procured yours yet, you need to get one as soon as possible. Costumes, especially event specific ones, are often bought at a higher rate, and you wouldn’t like to discover that your favorable costume is out of stock a day before 31st October. If you have been wondering what is the best costume to wear during the 2015’s Halloween party, this article helps you out by bringing you the top 10 best adult Halloween costumes in 2015 reviews. The ones highlighted here are some for men, the others for women. Read on to discover yours.

10. Forum Novelties Men’s ‘Secret Agent’ Deluxe-Costume, Tuxedo
Forum Novelties Men’s ‘Secret Agent’ Deluxe-Costume

This is a real versatile costume—a tuxedo costume that costs just a fraction of a real tux. With this costume, you can become James Bond, Sterling Archer, or just any other renowned spy you would like to be on the Halloween. It is a costume which looks quite great if paired with either a toy gun, or a martini.

9. Costume Culture Men’s Big Medieval Cape Adult Deluxe
Costume Culture Men’s Big Medieval Cape Adult Deluxe

If you desire to be clad as a member of the Night’s Watch, this huge cape will be very essential in completing that look. The cape has a faux-fur collar that features faux leather-studded straps. For it is a cape, it fits different sizes, with those that are over size 50 finding it a big snug. It is such a great buy for men wishing to celebrate the Halloween in its real theme.

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8. Rubie’s ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ Deluxe Grand-Heritage Collection Costume
Rubie’s ‘Batman

Batman is usually cool. As such, this costume can be worn over and over, year after another. It is a formally licensed deluxe-costume that includes pants, shirt, mask, cape, and belt. It’s made of latex, same as the costumes that are used in the real film. Although the Rubie’s Grand Heritage collection will cost you a little more, you will look film-ready in it. Even for those without budgets as big as to afford this particular costume, you will still find other Batman costumes.

7. Rubie’s Supreme Darth-Vader Costume
Rubie’s Supreme Darth-Vader Costume

For the serious fan of Star Wars who fancies attending cons-and-costume parades, you then have the reason to purchase a premium Halloween, one able to withstand the normal tear and wear. The Supreme Edition Darth-Vader by the Rubie’s comes with a jumpsuit, gloves, cape, injection-molded armor pieces, and a full mask and helmet. The helmet features a voice modulator in it, and the belt surely light up. These small touches are great as they make the costume feel just like an authentic film costume, more than just what anyone could move into a drug store and buy. The price may be different depending on your desired size.

6. The ‘Donald Trump’ Billionaire Costume Wig
The ‘Donald Trump’ Billionaire Costume Wig

Donald Trump: a household name all across America now, and even abroad. And here is a wig by his name. The wig is an ideal addition to your Halloween party costume or outfit. That it is lightweight and quite breathable, you can wear it for hours of constant enjoyment. So if you are looking for funny Halloween costume on a tight budget, you can go for this wierd Trump wig and pair it with a suit you already have in the wardrobe. It is as funny and controversial as Trump is.

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5. Rubie’s Adult Super-Deluxe Cleopatra Costume
Rubie’s Adult Super-Deluxe Cleopatra Costume

Have you been purchasing cheep Halloween costume every October and you are tired of it? Then it is time you invested in a quality design that is made for durability, and crafted to turn heads, sure! This is a top quality costume designed for stunning stage performances or shows, so it is designed more carefully than your average picks. This Cleopatra costume includes a dress, wristband, headpiece, armbands, collar and cape. And if this particular costume becomes too thick for your blood stream, you can look at other available Cleopatra costumes available. It is for women.

4. Charades-Archer Jacket Adult Costume
Charades-Archer Jacket Adult Costume

With the last series of the ‘Hunger Games’ films staging next month, it is not a surprise to find Katniss Everdeen has become so popular a choice among women’s Halloween costumes today. Although it is kind of difficult to get a ‘Mockingjay’ costume, it is pretty simple to find classic Katniss costume. Pairing the great jacket with a nice pair of warm pants plus a prop bow, you will have gotten a costume that is ideal for the trick-o’-treating with the lovely kids looking for the Halloween fun.

3. ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Wanda Maximoff Scarlet-Witch Cosplay Costume

The Avengers are just undeniably popular this year. Most women are projected to go it as Black Window, a reason we highly recommend that ladies who desire to stand apart out of many, go like Scarlet Witch, instead. Moreover, the Scarlet-Witch costume is way far more comfy and figure-flattering than the latex catsuit. This great costume has the dress, a jacket, and two gauntlets.

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2. CosplaySky ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen Costume
CosplaySky ‘Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Each woman would like to feel like the queen, and no hotter there is right now than Daenerys Stormborn. This is a professionally designed costume that is ideal for any “Game of Thrones” fan. If your hair is not blonde, you surely will want to pick up some wig to accomplish the look. This Barbarian Bride wig is therefore highly recommended. Do not forget to get a plush dragon/dragon egg, too.

1. Leg Avenue Women’s Deep Sea-Siren Costume
Leg Avenue Women’s Deep Sea-Siren Costume

Mermaids are a quite popular costume pick of the year. it may be because of the colorful and hot mermaid hair-trend that has peaked this year, too. This mermaid costume, in particular, is a wonderful choice for any lady who believes in doing homage to the Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, or just for anyone who fancies a mermaid-costume that does not reveal her stomach, of course for the Halloween. And when you do not want to do the complete “Ariel” thing, go for this green sea-siren wig, and you will create a very different sight.

It has now been made easier for you to locate your favorite costume if you are an adult looking for one. The designs you have just read in the top 10 best adult halloween costumes in 2015 reviews will not disappoint you, not for one moment.