Husqvarna St 224 Review

Ever wanted to know how the Husqvarna ST224 works and what it’s all about? You’re not the only one. Many people want to know that, which is the reason that we decided to write this review. We’ve decided to keep it brief so that you can get the most necessary information, without needing to read a long article about it.

Serrated Steel Auger Blades: The Husqvarna ST224’s serrated blades are designed to dig into icy snow packs. Steel construction ensures longer life and better performance.
Dual Headlights: This machine puts out a bright light and seems almost designed for night work.
Heated Handles: A feature found on higher-end models, heated handles make a world of difference for user endurance. Never worry about your hands getting cold with this snow blower.
5-Year Warranty: Take care of this machine and it will not fail you. But if for some reason it does, Husqvarna has you completely covered for five years.
Easy Electric Start: Among the easiest to start snow blowers, Husqvarna guarantees its machines start right up with no problem, no matter the weather.
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