Top 10 Best Wire Stripping Machines Reviewed

A wire stripping machine is an important device that allows you to do away with plastic or rubber coating from a wire without any hassle. These machines are readily available in two categories; manual and automatic. Therefore, you can choose the machine depending on the level of sophistication and other factors including and not limited to price. If you are looking out for an effective and reliable machine to strip coating from wires, then you may consider any of the following for your personal and commercial use.

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  • 10 The ST²P 3000 Glide Drill
  • 9. The Bench Top Machine For Stripping Wires
  • 8. SDT WRA40R Machine
  • 7. Recycle Scrap Cooper Wire Stripper
  • 6. The Coppermine Handheld Stripping Tool
  • 5. Model MWS-808 Copper Stripper
  • 4. The Portable Machine For Stripping Wires
  • 3. CopperMine Manual Wire Stripping Machine
  • 2. The WL 100 Copper Stripper
  • 1. The CopperMine Manual Crank

10 The ST²P 3000 Glide Drill



STP 3000 is an automatic machine made by the Glide gear manufacturers. This is a preferred stripping machine because of the method used to produce sophisticated designs. It also has special features like good precision and great speed thus making the machine more effective. The STP 3000 drill is sturdy and less, and weight thus guarantees impeccable quality and unbeatable durability for use in a workshop.

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9. The Bench Top Machine For Stripping Wires



It is an automatic machine produced by Bench top. It has the ability to strip wires ranging from 3 to 25 mm in thickness. You can also attach it or mount with a bench remove wires of almost any thickness. Moreover, you can convert a manual bench machine to automatic by mounting it to a drill. Further, do you intend to remove plastic and insulation from good -quality scrap wires? The Bench Top is your perfect companion for this job.

8. SDT WRA40R Machine





The WRA40R is an automatic machine with ease of use made by Steel Dragon Tool. The machine can process the stripping off of 125 feet per minute of aluminum or copper material. The range of thickness for the cables to be stripped is 1.5mm and 40 mm. You can also adjust the spring and rollers loaded cutters that allow you take insulation off the wires of any sizes. When it comes to safety, the SDT WRA40R is equipped with measures against excessive electrical discharges.

7. Recycle Scrap Cooper Wire Stripper



The machine is a manual wire stripper manufactured by Steel Dragon Tools. You can use it strip wire insulations which range from 34 gauges thick to 1/2-inch thickness. It has a unique ten cutting wheels which provide ease of stripping any size of scrap wire. The blades f this industrial heavy duty machine are fully guarded therefore providing you with maximum protection during operation. The blades and the channels allow you to strip the hardcore Romex cables safely.

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6. The Coppermine Handheld Stripping Tool



The tool is made by Coppermine and is used handling scrap that has copper. This kind of blade is less costly, and you can easily obtain from local hardware. Moreover, the machine can also remove rubber and insulation from coaxial blades and Romex cables.

5. Model MWS-808 Copper Stripper





Model MWS-808 is from BLUEROCK. You can use it to remove the coating of new and used wires. To make work easier for you, it comes with a spring loaded blade, which gives you room correct the tension required to strip wire coating, depending on the thickness of the wire. In case of any breakdown, ask for spare parts from the manufacturer whenever required.

4. The Portable Machine For Stripping Wires




Right from its name, this machine is lightweight but handy machine that you can carry anywhere you want. It is used to remove insulation for scrapped and damaged wires.You could connect it a bench to ease stripping off. Its blades are made of high-quality carbon steel thus effective for stripping wires of varied size.

3. CopperMine Manual Wire Stripping Machine





This manual tool is from The CopperMine allows you to recycle copper scrap. The machine easily separates insulation and copper with a single stroke. It is also ideal for kinked and tangled wires since it automatically align and straighten them. Though manual, the machine has a unique EZ cutter that is used to get copper after stripping off. On purchase, you are provided with blade sharpening jig for restoring sharpness to dull blades within a minimal time.

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2. The WL 100 Copper Stripper



This machine is made by BLUEROCK and is used to recycle copper extracts from a wire. It is durable and has high quality, ergonomy and ease of maintenance. It has a manual adjuster and a blade to allow you to strip off wires of different thicknesses. By simply adjusting the wing-nut of the blade, you can perfectly cut wire of desired size.

1. The CopperMine Manual Crank



This is a drill operated machine for removing coating from wires. It has a manual crank which is used to recycle scrapped copper. It also has an adjustable wire clamp that make it difficult for thin or soft wires to escape the blades. Secondly, the machine is lightweight. For this reason, the manual crank can be used in different positions. You could go clamping it to the bench corner or bolting it and have an assistant to hold one end.