IV2 Bluetooth Compatible Modular Review

Simplicity: Out of all of the helmets on this list, this one may be the most simplistic in its design. This is great for those who want something that is easy to take care of and minimal in its features.
One-Button Flip: This helmet is great for those who like to switch from full-face to open-face without a processs – just push one button.
Durable: For such a great value, you really get quite a durable product. Thanks to its anti-scract shield and visor, you’re not going to get this helmet too dinged up.
Limited Features: While simplicity may be great for some users, others may want a helmet that offers many more features than this model.
Color: In terms of design, this model is about as bare bones as it gets; you have just one color to choose from for this helmet.
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