Best Gaming PCs Under 1000: The Definitive Guide

#5 – Skytech Shadow

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B01CUYNBHW[/asa2] This desktop checks off all the requirements for a gaming powerhouse. Dedicated graphics card? Check. 8 gigs of RAM? Check. Power supply with plenty of power? Check. There are even some extra features for the discerning customer, such as a wireless card and plenty of USB ports. Finally, it comes with a clean install free of bloatware, leaving you with more free space.

#4 – Intel Mini Pc Kit

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B01LM114Q4[/asa2] This is definitely not an obvious choice for most gamers, but the potential this model has for gaming is immense. Intel has packed this tiny cube with some of the newest, fastest, smallest tech, capable of running many games at decent settings with smooth framerates. It even offers 4K, making this a great media server as well! Don’t be fooled by appearances, as this product may be the surprise winner for you with regard to finding a top rated gaming PC under $1,000.

#3 – Ibuypower Am690

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B01HIS315C[/asa2] The best way to look at this gaming PC is as a solid foundation. Yes, the included hardware is decently powerful, with 8 gigs of RAM and a powerful midrange graphics card. However, the true potential in this desktop is when you start building on what’s already there, like adding a SSD or connecting another graphics card. Don’t take this as a negative; right out of the box, this can handle most games you can throw at it with solid performance and visuals; even VR! It just may be the starting point that most gamers need, as they can slowly build up this model and improve upon the initial design and infrastructure.

#2 – Adamant Mini Media Station

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B00JAPZOIY[/asa2] Another unconventional pick on this list, the ADAMANT Media Station is designed as a sort of test bench. It’s unique case opens from the top and has plenty of room for tweaking and adding components, all while providing excellent heat dissipation. However, you may not even need to make upgrades to this machine (except for a graphics card), seeing as it contains a top of the line processor, SSD, and memory. Once you find room for this giant computer, you’ll be set to play the latest and greatest games.

#1 – Cpu Solutions Corsair Carbide

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA”]B017XY4G3M[/asa2] There’s a lot to love about this particular model of gaming PC. It has hardware that can handle the newest games at High to Ultra settings, as well as support for extending your display to 3 monitors. The CPU Solutions Corsair Carbide has a strong power supply that can handle incremental upgrades, and plenty of ports for extra controllers. Whether you use this as a bedroom battlestation or a living room media center, this computer can handle anything you throw at it. 

Gaming Pc Under 1000 Reviews & Comparisons

GAMING PCS UNDER 1000 white image white imageibuypower-am690 white imageintel-mini-pc-kit BestValueLRGskytech-shadow
MODELS Cpu Solutions Corsair Carbide Adamant Mini Media Station Ibuypower Am690 Intel Mini Pc Kit Skytech Shadow







[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B017XY4G3M[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B00JAPZOIY[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B01HIS315C[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B01LM114Q4[/asa2]

[asa2 associate_id_set=”UKCanadaUSA” value=”OffersMainPriceAmount”]B01CUYNBHW[/asa2]
X-FACTOR Hardware Test Bench Design Virtual Reality Media Server Capability Value Purchase
CPU Core I7 4790 Core I7 6700K Intel I5-6402P Core I5 Amd Fx-4300
GPU Gtx950 Integrated Amd Rx-480 Intel Iris Graphics 540 Gtx750Ti
RAM 8 Gb Ddr3 8 Gb Ddr4 8 Gb Ddr4 16 Gb Ddr4 8 Gb Ddr3
PSU 600W 500W 300W External 500W
USB 3 Usb 3.0/5 Usb 2.0 2 Usb 3.0 2 Usb 3.0/4 Usb 2.0 4 Usb 3.0/2 Usb 2.0 6 Usb 2.0
WARRANTY LENGTH 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 1 Year

YesMark NoMark YesMark
AMAZON PRIME? YesMark YesMark YesMark
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Gaming Pcs Under 1000 Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot of technical terms being thrown around in these reviews, so it may benefit you to brush up on some of the features to look for when purchasing the best gaming PC for your needs. Here’s a quick breakdown of some terms you’ll often see and how they relate to your gaming experience.

Graphics Card/Gpu: This is the part of your PC that handles all visuals, including 3D rendering for games. The most popular GPU manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD: Nvidia products are high-end for the most part, while AMD focuses more on mid-range and budget cards. Having a good graphics card is very important when running modern games, as an underpowered one will cause your games to stutter and crash.

Power Supply/Psu: This is the part of your computer that you plug a power cable into. Responsible for distributing power to all the components in your machine, it’s very important to have a stable PSU. Additionally, you want to make sure the wattage is high enough to support whatever upgrades you plan on making down the line.

Wireless/Lan: This is how your PC connects to the internet. Just about every computer has an Ethernet port, supporting a wired connection to your router or access point. However, a computer with a wireless card is capable of connecting without a hard line. There are lots of affordable external wireless cards you can get, but they end up taking one of your precious USB slots.

Usb 2.0/Usb 3.0: USB, or Universal Serial Bus, is the most common type of input method for computer accessories. USB is used to charge smartphones and connect gaming controllers, among other things. USB 3.0 is the newest and fastest version, and can be differentiated from USB 2.0 ports by the color blue. Keep these terms in mind when comparing prices and features to find the Best Gaming Pc Under 1000!