TORC T27 Review

Compact Design: The TORC T27 is a stylish model that’s 20 percent smaller than the competition and provides equal protection – this is the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet you can buy.
Bluetooth 2.0: This helmet allows you to send and receive calls, listen to MP3 or streaming music, clearly hear GPS navigation and pair intercoms with other riders and passengers.
Sun Shield: Equipped with a one-touch, mechanical drop-down sun shield, this model provides ultimate protection and visibility. It’s slider-based latching mechanism is a feature not normally found on helmets in this price range and its front chin bar includes a one-button, flip-up release.
Ventilation & Advanced Interior: Featuring a Venturi venting system, the T27 has vents in the front and rear for optimal intake and release of hot and humid air. In addition, this model includes a removable and washable ultra suede inner comfort lining. It’s also designed with foam that’s cut to fit the contours of the human face and its fabric wicks away moisture and perspiration – this is the most advanced interior TORC has ever created.
Durable Shell: The TORC T27’s outer shell is remarkably lightweight and durable. It’s made from fiberglass and nylon composite weave, providing long-lasting reliability and safety.
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