Lumens Dc120 Ladibug Review

Free Annotation Software: Lumens allows you to use your own software with the DC120 Ladibug, and, if you do not already have it, you can download the free Ladibug software for your convenience. The software is compatible with both PC and Mac, while it offers full-screen overlaying capabilities for annotating with a PS/2 mouse or smart board as well as unlimited capture of JPEG images.
Flexible Gooseneck: The flexible gooseneck design enables the lens and lamp heads to rotate 360 degrees, so you can capture images at any angle. The camera can also be pointed toward a student or coworker to project his or her face onto a screen, as he or she gives a presentation in class or at work.
Built-In Lamp: The light source, which is separate from camera head, makes it easier to take quality photos and convey images as the lamp moves independently with the lens.
Superior Color Reproduction: The high quality color reproduction that comes with this model ensures that each captured image is crystal clear and meets the highest standards for document cameras, making this Lumens product a great value for the money.
Computer-Only Connectivity: The DC120 Ladibug connects only to the computer, so no wireless connection is available for this design. This feature decreases its portability while it is in use, as the computer attachment requires the document camera to remain in one place.
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