Best Battery Heated Gloves & Mittens: The Definitive Guide

If you are prone to cold fingers, like I am, you are probably looking for the best battery heated gloves that actually work for the 2017-2018 winter season.

Many people use heated gloves or mittens when skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, motorcycle riding and during other snow sports.

I would like to show you what to look for when making your selection and my top picks.


What To Look For

Not all heated gloves are made the same and some are better than others. There are a couple of things to keep in mind and they are:

  • How long the batteries last
  • Know what you are using them for
  • Warmth the gloves provide when heater isn’t on

I once read a customer complaint about a pair that only gave heat for 45 minutes before the battery died. This happened when it was set on the highest level, but still; if you’re paying a few hundred for gloves you want them to do their job for a few hours. A decent battery will last over 6 hours on low, 4 hours on medium and over 2 hours on its highest setting. Anything under that defeats the purpose of having heated gloves in the first place. 😉

Next, are you going to be wearing them when shoveling the drive way, skiing and snowboarding all day, night trips into the mountains? The bigger the threat of frostbite and subzero temperatures the more you should invest in your purchase. Someone spending 20 minutes in the cold should be looking for a different pair than someone spending days in freezing temperatures.

Lastly, there are going to be times when your battery is dead or you don’t need high heat to keep your hands warm. It’s important to know what you’re getting when this happens. You can determine this by looking at the materials the glove is made off, types of insulation and liners.

All the gloves on this list keep these points in mind. They have excellent battery life, excel in all different kinds of conditions and will keep your hands warm even when the heat isn’t turned on.

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Therm-IC Powerglove IC 1300 Heated Gloves/Mittens

therm ic Company: Therm-IC

Price: $399+

Sizes: Small to Extra Large

Rating: 4.8/5


This is one of the top heated gloves and they do a great job keeping your fingers from freezing. It’s powered by a Lithium Ion battery and holds it charge for a whopping 10+ hours! That makes it one of the longest lasting available. Also, this glove:

  • Has a wipe to keep your goggles clean
  • Soft Primaloft liner
  • Made of durable leather

This glove is very breathable and waterproof too. Lastly, it comes with a one year warranty. If you’re spending $300+ on a pair of gloves you want them to at least last a year. My guess is they will last several.

Check Out The Therm-IC Powergloves IC 1300’s

Gerbing Heated Glove

gerbing Company: Gerbing

Price: $139.95+

Sizes: Small to Large

Rating: 4.7/5

These Gerbing gloves are much cheaper than the pair you just saw without giving up any quality. They are highly reviewed and loved by the people who wear them. These gloves feature:

  • Good battery life, easily lasting over 3 hours
  • Takes very little time for you to feel the heat; usually 5 to 10 minutes
  • Are cozy and warm even without the heat turned on

If you purchase these gloves, you are getting a long lasting and effective product. Definitely worth the price.

Check Out The Gerbing Heated Snow Gloves

Hestra Power Heated Gloves

hestra Company: Hestra

Price: $319-$400+

Sizes: All

Rating: 4.8/5

This is a pricey product but worth it if you can afford them. They are very comfortable and are made of waterproof and windproof materials. These are perfect for anyone who is out in the snow and travels a lot because:

  • It has a 3 heat setting
  • LED indicator light and run by lithium batteries
  • Comes with a traveling case and international travel adopters

If you are prone to cold hands and love being out in the snow, these gloves are perfect for you. You can wear them on the slopes, on walks, or any other time you are out in the winter weather.

Check Out The Hestra Power Heated Gloves

Volt Rechargeable Heated Gloves

volt Company: Volt

Price: $122

Sizes: Small to XXL

Rating: 4.8/5

This is another durable, quality, and affordable pair of gloves (Volt makes really nice heated socks too). Every part of the finger is gently and safely warmed with the 7 volt heating technology built into the product. Besides lasting for hours at a time, these:

  • Come with a nylon shell and a reinforced palm to make it last
  • Material is waterproof and the lining is soft to the touch
  • You can easily adjust temperature without taking the battery out
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The Volt’s come with 4 different heat settings too. Also, batteries and charger are included. For all that’s included the price is very fair.

Check Out The Volt Rechargeable Heated Gloves

Heated Gear Gloves Kit

heated gear gloves Company: Heated Gear

Price: $91.69

Sizes: Small to Large

Rating: 4.8/5

Not all gloves with heating technology need to cost over $100 and the Heated Gear Glove Kit’s prove that. The battery holds charge for over 4 hours and it’s easily rechargeable. Besides doing a great job heating up your hands, this product:

  • Is made with synthetic, no slip palm
  • 2 different heat settings for low heat and high heat
  • Won’t let water or moisture get to your hands

You can wear these when riding your motorcycle, snowboarding or when playing out in the snow. Your hands will be nice and toasty all day.

Check Out The Heated Gear Gloves Kit

Savior Heated Gloves

savior gloves Company: Savior

Price: $129

Sizes: Small to XXL

Rating: 4.7/5

This lightweight and sleek product is perfect for any person who enjoys winter and snow sports. They come with a 7.4 volt battery and can be safely used in the snow and rain. The Savior Glove’s last up to 3.5 hours when on constant heating and over 6 hours when put on the energy saving setting. Additionally, they:

  • Heat up very quickly and evenly across all fingers and palm of your hand
  • Comes with 2 batteries and a charger
  • Light to indicate when product is fully charged

You’ll have a hard time finding a pair of heated gloves with so much to offer under $200. These may be the best for the price.

Check Out The Savior Heated Gloves

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Gloves

outdoor research lucent Company: Outdoor Research

Price: +240

Sizes: Extra Small to Extra Large

Rating: 4.9/5

I’ve mentioned Outdoor Research in previous posts and that’s because they make some of the best winter equipment available. They offer many different heated gloves and the Lucent’s are one of their top products. Besides being windproof and waterproof, these:

  • Come with a nylon shell and a polyester lining
  • 3 different heat settings so you get the perfect amount of warmth needed
  • Feature a rechargeable lithium battery
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Many people love how they feel when skiing and snowboarding. Some people who suffer from chronic coldness now feel comfortable in freezing temperatures because of these gloves.

Check Out The Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Gloves

FNDN Heated Gloves

fndn Company: FNDN

Price: $139

Sizes: Small to Large

Rating: 4.8/5

The FNDN Heated Gloves are the most stylish on the list and are good for both men and women. Besides having an appealing design this product can last over 5 hours on a single charge. Also, they feature:

  • Touchscreen fingertips so you can play with your phone without taking them off
  • Rechargeable 7 volt battery
  • Comes with a zippered carrying case, 2 batteries and a charger

You will genuinely like wearing these gloves because they are comfortable and very fashionable. It won’t look like you’re wearing something with batteries in them.

Check Out The FNDN Heated Gloves

Outdoor Research Women’s Oberland Heated Gloves

oberland Company: Outdoor Research

Price: $250

Sizes: Small to Large

Rating: 4.8/5

I mentioned a second ago Outdoor Research is a great company and that’s why they have 2 gloves on this list; honestly I could have added even more. The Oberland’s are made specifically for women and are:

  • Water resistant, breathable and wind proof
  • Have goat leather palm for added grip
  • Long battery life

These can be worn whenever you want. If you need to dig your car out of the snow and go to the grocery store or if you are skiing for the whole day, your needs will be taken care of.

Check Out The Outdoor Research Oberland’s

Don’t Let Winter Get The Best Of You

If you are like me and love winter but hate having colds hands, a heated glove can be exactly what you need to remedy this problem. Every product on this list is high quality, comfortable and has a long lasting battery. No matter what situation you find yourself in you can find a product here that will suit you perfectly.

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If you have any questions about the gloves on this list, comment below and I’ll answer as fast as possible. If you would like your friends and family to see, share on social media.

Are you ready for a warmer winter?