Three Step Walkthrough Drill to Increase Your Softball Pitching Skills

You need a complete body control, solid physique including shoulder and arm with best way for swing the softball for throwing on fast pitches of softball field. There is a need of momentum and drive. If you don’t have driven than the opposite player have ease to hit the softball due to lack of your power.

It’s not hard to maintain the momentum and drive in the softball filed if you have a proper technique. Three step walkthrough drill is really an awesome technique which can be practice for getting the control over the drive and momentum.

There are different type of Three step walkthrough drill for both right-handers & left-handers because they have different type of mechanism like you may need to reverse the leg and arm position if you change the body position.

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An Overviews of Three Step Walkthrough Softball Drill

This best softball pitching drill if you are focusing on the forward momentum of pitching. This type of drill are best for the softball players that face the problems while throwing strikes and for practice this drill you must try the long distance pitching drill for softball.

Benefit of Three Step Walkthrough Softball Drill

This drill is best drill for movement and drive which can used multiple time in a day as well as in the week. It’s also a secure drill which help you to avoid any injury or serious harm to body muscle.

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Procedure of Three Step Walkthrough Softball Drill

At starting the pitcher must be set at a distance of three step behind from the pitcher’s mound. Natural strides are used to drive forward. It depends on the pitcher that it use the long strides or short strides. The player must start with her right foot and also end on the right foot while on the second left stride the player start moving the windmill backward and on last step places the pitcher squarely on the mound.

After the third stride the pitcher use the right foot for push of the mound as well as lunge forward with their let foot. During the motion of the windmill the pitcher drag its right foot behind and release the softball at her hip.

After release of the ball from hip the pitcher drive towards the catcher on the same foot step sequence which she already maintain. These step sequence will ensure that the softball player have closes her hip as well as drive all its strength towards the plates.

Why Drive is Necessary?

Most of the people think that the power of a pitcher is derived from the pitcher arm. May be it will happen but in real the power mostly derived from the hip of the pitcher. So if the pitcher is trying to drive forward from the mound its mean they are not driving more power on the softball. For flaying the softball player must need to drive off the mound. For that purpose you must follow the step of drill mentioned above.

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For the player who really feeling the problem in lunging off the plate there are some other drills which you can be used with the above mentioned drill. This drill will help you to control over the lunging difficulties.

In the lunging practice drill the player must step forward about six steps from the mound and then walking from toe to heel after setting your heel against the mound. While practicing this drill player must draw a lung line which is a parallel line from both the home plate and mound on the dirt.

To maximize the ball power from the hip the player must cross this lung line when he have enough lunging ability to provide more drive power to softball. You can try it many times in a day until you have a complete control over the lunging.

Some Changing Up In Pitching Drill

The above mentioned three step drill will help the pitcher that using the lunge to provide driving power to the softball. If your team pitcher start one step before the mound and have feet together with arm apart than you must coach them to bring her both hand together for a time frame of 2 second. In this way she must bend towards the knees and waist at downward position. In this way she must step forward with right foot after he have both hand in legs and use the lunge for driving the ball.

You must also follow the instruction that provided in the three step drills for right hand softball player as well as left hand softball player. As both the softball player have different dimension and also use the different foot scheme. So it’s the major factor that must be considered when practicing this three step drill.

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You can also use this many time until you get a complete grip on your foot step as well as lunging because until you get the proper lunging you can’t provide the enough power to ball throwing. You can also consult with your coaches or athletic trainer about the repetition of this technique as this may harm your body if you practice this thee step drill excessively.


At end I just want to say that hardworking is the only key to success. For getting the control our your lunging for providing the enough power to ball as well as the right stepping during the through will help you to beat your competitor. Daily practicing of best softball tips and drill will surly solve a lot of problem.

If you are working without any coach or doing it at your home backyard than it is necessary to follow the standard rules and guideline because you may not know the actual way of doing this drill. There are also many expert on the internet that can provide you resources in both free and paid form which will help you for getting a the desire results.